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Sponsorship consists in creating and maintaining a marketing relationship with potential customers through content and activities in various forms and professions, adapted to the expressed interests. The relevance, format, and schedule of the information being shared progressively brings in the possibility of wanting to buy.

This approach is mainly used in the B2B world because the buying and decision cycles are longer there. The general idea of ​​sponsorship is to provide information as a decision aid for probabilities and to keep the company on its radar (primarily out of consideration). Thus, at the time of making a purchase decision, the key should work in favor of the person who better understands the expressed expectations. The task of marketing is to deploy a good nurturing strategy to understand their potential customers in order to provide them with the right content at the right time. In this context, the chronology, the channels used, and the type of information shared are the three critical elements that are measured to effectively support the subject’s digital journey in the “transformation tunnel” from awareness to purchase intent.

From theory to practice

Selon Makkiko Ara, 2/3 du processus d’achat est réalisé avant même que l’acheteur entre directement en contact avec une société, pour autant la plupart des prospects ne sont pas prêts à acheter simplement parce qu’ils démont un démont un êt subject.

This is why ignoring this information and giving it too soon to a salesperson who will rush to make contact in an attempt to sell is a dated and aggressive move. This will likely put off a contact who has already been overdone, then tend to request that their data be deleted from your databases and the story will end here. In an ideal world, it is enough to “feed” the interest of a potential client by addressing this topic.

In fact, it is important to solve a few points in the introduction. In terms of digital marketing, and there is no longer any partly non-digital marketing, it’s about differentiating between a simple digital signal – where the lead sends an interest from the digital lead – the lead sends a number of interests along the decision-making path. Analyzing and measuring the sum of interests with an appropriate solution gives a score that will later become a true pioneer. An often overlooked critical step in evangelism about what a potential customer really is can lead to endless discussions if not properly understood and explained. Added to this are the concepts of promoting probability in his decision-making cycle as well as analyzing his profile, also called “people”. Regardless of all these technical terms, from a marketing point of view, it is necessary to focus completely on what is unique about this prospect and to maintain regular contact with it, meeting its expectations as much as possible and above all non-intrusive. However, if we were to refer to the literal translation of upbringing, it would be a matter of “raising” a contact until he was “educated” enough to make the purchase. For any sane and responsible marketing expert, there is clearly no question of making one ‘smart’ enough that they understand that so and so is the best! As mentioned above, it is a matter of associating a relationship that allows this contact to appreciate the importance of what you can give him in order to solve his quest. It’s all about balance and empathy, even in the world of marketing automation platforms, people stand out.

The importance of content is never denied!

So, this is where your content strategy comes in handy, if put in place patiently. You know that it will be necessary to send information that matches the potential customer’s maturity, context, and position in the decision tunnel, all in a variety of adapted formats. Your sponsorship program is already scheduled, mixing educational emails, selected information related to company news, invitations to targeted virtual events and finally a personal communication adapted to this client’s preferred communication channel: video, mail, call …. Once the sequence is configured, the interpretation of Measurements and Analytics Duly done by a data expert with a strong sense of empathy, the person concerned must generate a strong signal as input. At this point, you will have found a way to reconcile the interest and respect of your potential customer – it is your focus, the variety and quality of the content you have created and the expectations of the salespeople.

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