Adaptation, access and interaction with Huawei’s advertising market

“All-Scenario Intelligent Ecosystem” is Huawei’s vision to create a fully connected world. Through HUAWEI Ads, marketers can connect with their audience using an immersive digital advertising market powered by the tech giant’s robust digital infrastructure along with rich data and insights.

Create exceptional campaigns for the most engaging customer experiences; HUAWEI advertising is built on good ideas using four main pillars: “Accurate targeting”, “Similar modeling”, “Special audience” and “Information analysis”. “Accurate targeting” is an approach that focuses on audience data and ideas, and “Similarity Modeling” uses a proprietary, real-time technique that includes artificial intelligence to identify similarities between users. In addition, Special Audiences focus on consumer behavior to reconnect with them, while Insight Analysis provides essential insights into campaign data from multiple touchpoints, enabling marketers to reach their audience in the most impactful way.

According to the MMA CAM study, two out of three marketers in the MENA region have adopted a mobile-first approach with their marketing strategy, while 86% of respondents agreed that the pandemic has improved mobile marketing capabilities. Following this trend, HUAWEI Advertising hosted the Huawei Spring 2022 Advertising Summit in Dubai, and hosted Huawei’s key industry leaders, partners, agencies and marketers at the W The Palm. Through the summit, visitors explored the platform’s advertising capabilities and learned how to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns using tools such as Open Advertiser Identifier (OAID), which honors user preferences and delivers personalized ads accordingly while respecting local and local privacy preferences. strategies.

The summit gave attendees access to an exclusive introductory Ramadan offer and incentive packages. The first package included a 20%-50% incentive based on Ramadan ad consumption, 10% more Huawei products, and free landing page placements. Meanwhile, the second package included a 25% discount on sponsored sessions and services (Huawei’s 100% premium SOV inventory can be accessed through this offer only), plus premium viewing slots and free landing page placements.

One of the primary benefits of digital advertising is reaching audiences in a cost-effective and measurable way. With a large consumer base of over 730 million monthly active users, HUAWEI Advertising can support brands with clear goals and tactics to benefit from the digital advertising industry. Huawei’s 1 + 8 + N strategy envisages introducing HUAWEI advertising to the company’s portfolio of smart TVs, tablets, and Internet of Things (Internet of Things) devices.

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Updated: May 20 2022, 02:46

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