A tool for creating powerful email signatures with CTAs and banners

To promote an article, launch a new product or news about a company, there are different marketing tools. One of them which is not necessarily obvious is the email signature. Nowadays, having a nice email signature with a picture, a clear job title or even effective CTAs is important. It’s there to create an email signature that “criticizes” a lot of tools.

Among the latter, we can cite Scribe. With this tool, the idea is to turn your “regular” email signature into a relevant marketing medium! For this purpose, Scribe adds CTAs and banners to the signature to increase sales and brand awareness. A practical tool for marketing agencies and teams wishing to exploit the potential of this leverage.

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Email signature that converts

Scribe is a tool that allows you to create different signatures according to the different departments of the company, in order to promote different CTAs and banners according to the services. For each signature, it is possible to add collaborators. Scribe integrates a very handy email signature creation tool, which you have to complete: your name, first name, profile picture, job title, phone number, address, website and finally add a CTA, banner or other special COVID-19 banner.

Added CTA and Scribe Banners

In CTAs, it is possible for example to add links to social networks and customize them by changing the color of the icon. On the banners, a link has been added to divert people who receive emails. Before the signature goes live, it is possible to preview its appearance! Once the latter is perfect, just copy/paste the code into your used email provider or sync the latter automatically in Gmail. The signature is applied to all collaborators added in the department.

Personal Marketing Campaigns

Scribe also allows you to create marketing campaigns, which automatically update your CTAs and banners according to company news and the moment.

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Finally, Scribe also provides statistics on the performance of different email signatures, via the Analytics tab. Thus, depending on each section, during a certain period it is possible to find out what is the most successful and perform all the links included in the signature (photo, site, CTA, etc.).

Scribe is a paid tool that can be accessed for life from $39.
For $39 instead of $288, you can benefit from 5 licenses. For $78 10 licenses, and finally $117 for 20 licenses.

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