Parcoursup’: 4 Tips To Keep Hope Alive If You Are Not Accepted To The Internship Of Your Dreams

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– May 19, 2022 at 2:30 pm

On June 2, thousands of high school students will receive their first Parcoursup admission results. If you’re not engaged in the training you want, here are four tips to avoid panicking!

Tick, tock, tick tock… The date that final year students have been eagerly awaiting is fast approaching. The Thursday, June 2 at 7 pm, the first Parcoursup results will appear. If some get the choice they made right away, for others, it will be a cold shower and a new period of uncertainty. If you find yourself in this second situation, L’Étudiant Trendy offers you four tips Set things straight and don’t worry before the final results. First of all, if you don’t receive anything on June 2nd at 7pm, don’t worry. In fact, not all stations will receive their results at the same time, the Parcoursup system is progressive. You can get the first results Until midnight July 15.

Don’t despair if you are on the waiting list

If your status is pending, consult the ranking of the last candidate admitted to the institution last year as well as your position for this year. If you think your position is too far away, you can accept proposals from other institutions. Conversely, if you think you are in a good position, it is worthWait for possible withdrawals. Note: If you have received a positive answer and places on several waiting lists, it is possible to accept the positive offer while keeping your wishes on the waiting lists.

Get information from the Information and Guidance Center

If you receive negative answers during the first acceptance phase. go to Information and Guidance Center (CIO) or go see your organization’s steering teams. They are there to accompany you in Additional admission stage. The latter allows you to craft Ten new eras in formations that still have a place. This second phase will open from June 23 to September 16.

Contact the academic body to access higher education

If you are just rejected or waiting for your every wish, please feel free to call Regional Commission for Access to Higher Education (Chris). There is one in every area. It will open from July 6th. should make you nomination In a course, taking into account your project, your training achievements, your skills and preferences, as well as the vacancies identified on the Parcoursup platform.

Go to training that can be accessed without going through Parcoursup

If you see all the doors closing. It’s not over, there A training you can join without going through Parcoursup’. This is the case of private schools specializing in digital technology, information technology, communications, journalism, culture, marketing, commerce, accounting, transportation, logistics, human resources… Contact them directly.

And if you’re not really accepted anywhere, your cent is not wasted. It is still possible to go and study abroad to do civil service or even I’m looking for a job To gain experience.

Parcoursup has set up a toll free number to answer all your questions, and it’s open Monday through Friday 10am-4pm: 0800400 070.

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