Lecturer and researcher in the construction industry M / F CESI La Couronne CDI

Being a Cesi educator and researcher means being involved in and personalizing innovation by our learners through our LINEACT Lab.


In your area of ​​expertise, you are responsible for designing and leading training in the areas of BIM, CIM, modeling, simulation, and visualization as well as sustainable development and construction. Your ability to work in project mode is one of the keys to your success!
You are the technical reference. Your ease of engagement allows you to participate in training marketing as well as promoting Cesi’s show through events.
As a researcher, you are a stakeholder in Cesi’s innovation. It develops research and partnership activities, in relation to LINEACT CESI and ensures that learners are customized for it. Your research work will focus on understanding the energy and environmental behavior of the building/city.

Why CESI is right for you

You are an expert in construction and hold a Ph.D.
You want to bring a new face to your career.
You like to pass on your expertise and experience.
You thrive by working independently in an agile and nurturing environment.
You want to participate in a mission of general interest within a team of enthusiasts.

A network of universities for higher education and vocational training, CESI pursues its societal mission by empowering trainees, staff and students to become players in the transformation of businesses and society, thanks to its Colleges of Engineering, School of Rotation, School of Managers Training and its certification activity.

In 2019, 24,000 learners, including more than 14,000 in apprenticeships, were trained for the jobs and skills of tomorrow. Since its inception, CESI has forged close links with businesses and regions, in particular thanks to its presence across France with 25 campuses, designed as real places to live, exchange and learn.

A leader in France in the development of active learning and teaching methods, focused on innovation and technology, CESI works in all sectors of activity in order to meet the recruitment challenges and skills needs of companies. CESI trains the professions and skills of tomorrow in industry and services, construction and the city of the future by mobilizing the basic sciences and humanities, on the one hand, and supporting professional systems on the other. It also carries out research activities in the Digital Innovation Lab (LINEACT CESI).

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A few words about CESI:
Founded in 1958, CESI is a major player in the field of higher education and vocational training.
We work in 8 main training areas: IT & Digital, Industry & Services, Construction, Management, QSE, Human Resources, Digital Marketing, Embedded Electrical & Electronic Systems.

CESI also has 25 campuses spread across France, welcoming 1,200 enthusiastic employees and 26,000 learners in 2021.

Give meaning to your business and join CESI.
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