Digital Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Businesses: The Digitad Method

Promising affordable web marketing results for SMEs in Quebec: this is the agency’s bold – and brilliantly done – mandate. number. Knowing that appearing online is critical to businesses, number Today provides a unique overview of professional consultancy in attic news with the Marketing Manager, Eileen Cake.

Can you explain the needs of the web and the importance of engaging with a group of experts, such as Digitad?
In 2022, we spend roughly 15% of our time online on average: consulting search engines, exploring websites, answering emails, interacting on social media, etc. Generally, this is about one day a week. A good marketing technique works to reach its target customers wherever they are, and today they are mostly on the web! The epidemic has accelerated this phenomenon. Consumers are used to getting information, shopping and even buying online.

On the other hand, it is not easy to stand out, because the competition is fierce! The budgets being spent on digital marketing are constantly increasing and we must constantly improve in order to achieve success, and this is where our role comes in: as digital specialists, we provide our clients with the degree of expertise that allows them to stand out. Whether it is about building a powerful website, to increase results The Google Or to promote your brand on social media, our team consists of digital consultants and experts who specialize in their chosen field.

We make sure that we fully understand the customers’ goals and build a tailor-made game plan that generally includes a launch phase and monthly support. Don’t doubt get lost in an overly theoretical approach: our presentations clearly describe the actions (not the hours) we commit to and the results we aim for.

What do you offer to those who knock on your door?
We always start from customer goals. Does it have a clear web strategy? This is often the right starting point. It’s up to us to give him a full understanding of his target’s behavior on the web and detail the relevant marketing efforts and source of ROI. Does it have a strong and up-to-date presence on the Internet? Otherwise, the question of creating or redesigning a website generally arises. Do you want to build or enhance its bad reputation or brand image? Social media are essential tools to achieve this, as are publications on various digital media. Does it seek to position itself in front of Internet users in the active phase of research? Advertise on The Google Hence natural references may be relevant.

In short, the scenarios are multiple and the approach must be framed and tailored. Especially since budgets are not infinitely expandable!

You have a branch dedicated to social media and you are active on many platforms as an agency. What is their importance in a good strategy?

How many of us have visited a brand’s social media even before its website? Social platforms are a showcase for the company. They make it possible to convey the position and values ​​of the brand. In addition to what you do, people want to know who you are. In the face of a normal person, your situation, the tone used, the words you use, and the way you convey a message says a lot about your personality and your values. It’s exactly the same with being on social media! Hence the importance of a well-thought-out strategy.

As an expert team in digital marketing, it is imperative to have an active presence on these platforms. Testing, learning and developing our marketing is part of our pursuit of innovation and performance. Especially since things are moving a bit at the moment, with FB Who faces difficulties and platforms such as tik tok And Pinterest that thrive!

Want to discuss your strategic vision for your agency?
We want to be good cobblers! As a Marketing Manager (for a marketing agency), my role is above all else to tell the story of that agency and the people and clients that compose it. To achieve this, I have several tools at my disposal, including social media, blog, and our channel Youtubenewsletters, webinars, as well as physical events such as conferences or trade fairs. My goal is to create pride and strengthen the employer brand, while keeping up with new trends!

For example, we recently created an account tik tok! We share tips and news, but also moments from the agency’s life. I’m in luck: I can count on the expertise of a team of 70 people to make sure my work is as relevant as possible.

In conclusion, what awaits Digitad For the future?
2022 is the beginning of flying! We can’t reveal everything yet, but we are working on rebranding the group’s image (numberAnd missileAnd sincere And irritable) All the websites of our agencies and the development of our presence in France, where the team already consists of five people. Of course, follow us on social media to keep up with what’s new!

Testing, learning and developing our marketing is part of our pursuit of innovation and performance.

Eileen Cake


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