REPLY – Digital Experience has been recognized as Best Group of Companies and Internet Agency for the 4th year in a row by BVDW

Turin, Italy–(BUSINESS WIRE)–As it has done for the past three years, Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) is rewarding once again It is called best company at Internet Agencies Ranking for the year 2022.

This recognition demonstrates Response – the ability of the digital experience to deliver technology solutions along with creative agency services and the right customer experience strategies. Additionally, Reply – Digital Experience has seen an increase in sales and staff over the past fiscal year due to continued organic growth and the acquisition of Comwrap, a Frankfurt-based company that specializes in cloud-based digital experience platforms.

“To implement a comprehensive digital experiences strategy, a correlation between marketing and technology, exceptional creative ideas and a complete understanding of user needs are essential. This includes the use of technology stacks and concepts such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented realities, data-driven marketing, and conversational interfaces. The fact that our site has led us to control “It is also clear that as an important partner in the right digital and digital transformation strategies, we are ready to overcome and serve the complex needs and challenges of our customers,” explained Board Member Dr. Thomas Hartmann, BVDW’s sales rankings for the fourth year in a row. Digital experience services from consulting, digital strategies and design to digital product development, marketing strategies and platforms; also includes the successful launch of cloud-based digital experiences technology.

Thorben Fasching, Executive Partner at Reply added: “2021 has been a very positive year for Reply Digital Experience. At the same time, the second year of the pandemic has also shown that transformation processes within new digital business models are becoming increasingly important and digital experience projects more complex. This requires extensive and at the same time deep knowledge of experts, highly specialized knowledge related to all areas of digital transformation and the interaction of multidisciplinary teams.”

The Reply – Digital Experience agency and group of companies implement complex projects for companies such as Adidas, Beiersdorf, BMW, Canyon Bikes, Daimler, Miles & More, OBI, Ritter Sport, Vodafone, Volkswagen and Vorwerk.

About the rating of the Internet agency BVDW

Considered the industry benchmark in the German Internet agency scene, the rating has been conducted annually since 2001 by BVDW and published with collaboration partners High Text iBusiness, Horizont, Werben & Verkaufen. Lists agencies whose main activity is the design, creation and technical implementation of digital solutions.

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to reply [MTA, STAR : REY, ISIN : IT0005282865] Specializes in designing and implementing solutions using new digital communication and media channels. As a network of highly specialized companies, Reply identifies and develops business models that are enabled by new models of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, digital media, and the Internet of Things. Reply provides consulting, systems integration, and digital services to companies in the telecommunications, media, industry, services, banking, insurance and public sectors.

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