Klingbeil (EDG): “Our group embodies European ambition, but already has strategic global locations.”

Decision-makers. Upon its inception, EDG operated midway between an investment fund and the company’s subsidiary holding company. What about today ?
Vincent Klingbeil. We are not an investment fund, but a group of associated companies where all the entrepreneurs are shareholders of each other. Unparalleled in France, this model of common interests has been able to grow with the agility of our two years of existence. In order to facilitate the synergy between our different structures, we require coherence, whereby everyone perfectly masters their own paradigms and works in harmony with others. Thus, the assigned positions centralize the resources.

These unified teams decide to allocate resources according to clients, in order to standardize response across the group. Concretely, representatives of structures whose expertise complements one another, such as Ad’s up Consulting and Axome, respectively, a digital performance consulting firm and an e-commerce specialist, jointly participate in the calls for tenders. The same goes for Orès, a creative agency, independent and integrated, often working in coordination with Follow, an influencer marketing specialist. For our interlocutors, this corresponds to an important contribution both in terms of service and in terms of work.

Our group embodies a European ambition, but already has strategic global locations, as Orès is located in Asia, as well as in Canada. Although each national institution contributes to expanding our offering and responding to more opportunities, it is the performance as well as the partner corporate culture that shapes the criteria for true compliance, so that each new membership is part of the long-term “galactic” EDG.

“In line with our commitment to the digital promise, our associated companies have experienced organic growth of around 50% on average.”

Despite the turbulent conditions of Spring 2020, EDG is off to a great start. What are the challenges of this excessive growth?
Under the pandemic, digital acceleration has been a priority for CAC 40 companies. In line with our commitment to the digital promise, our associated companies have seen organic growth of around 50% on average. As far as the size of our group and the speed of our development, we know which channels should be preferred in order to facilitate exchange between highly specialized professions. Good tools within the company, as well as press relations, ensure this necessary communication.

To manage overgrowth, the bedrock of success lies in the HR function. It supports development. It is not enough to hire more sales staff, general managers, and other experts. We need to hire human resources, who will be able to fill vacancies, retain existing talent, and raise their skills. EDG stands for “Good Governance”. To do this, we have prepared team building exercises, conferences and other events, which contribute to employee well-being. Inside and outside the company, various monthly meeting formats are organized for commercial teams to share their skills, but also to achieve a greater understanding of EDG’s global offering.

And there has always been a special focus on employee training: hence the creation of academies in most of the companies in the EDG ecosystem. In addition to training talent, these sectors open up career prospects and specific developments within the hierarchy, such as managing larger teams. We are proud to see that career acceleration within EDG is three times faster than any traditional company. EDG currently brings together more than 1,700 people spread over a dozen companies. This number will increase over the next few months. So the potential for development is important.

“EDG currently gathers at least 1,700 people spread across more than a dozen companies, and their number is set to grow over the coming months.”

EDG bases its offering on a network of superior professionals in the digital world. Can you explain the mechanics of your digital acceleration model for your business?
Through our corporate ecosystem, we have a multifunctional digital display, the implementation of which depends on the degree of maturity of the company. In digital identity development, we focus on consistency of online and offline communication, user interfaces, in order to increase conversion rate, but also CRM & PRM [“Prospect Relationship Manager”, Ndlr]As well as cyber security.

Some companies do not use enough cranes at their disposal. In terms of community management, for example, they sometimes abandon some relays in favor of one preferred social network. Besides the basics for generating more traffic and automated marketing, our expertise includes spotting some forgotten networks. Experts in follow-up influence or in digital performance like Ad’s up Consulting know the advantages of each network, like Pinterest, which has huge SEO potential [“Search Engine Optimization“, en français l’optimisation pour les moteurs de recherche, Ndlr] and the sea [“Search Engine Advertising“, qui correspond à la publicité ponctuelle sur les moteurs de recherche, Ndlr]. Finally, we support businesses with the most promising formats, with a tested and approved ROI, such as “happy snackFrom the TikTok platform.

How is your support for businesses being implemented, particularly in relation to technology trends: metaverses and NFTs (“Irreplaceable icons“)?
In physics as in digital, we contribute to corporate surveillance work on high-potential topics. To this end, we produce a monthly programme, The Art Fair, where we invite leaders to discuss key topics in the technology and digital sector. It offers a glimpse into the intimacy of great leaders, as they share their way of thinking, and the way they have come to terms with particular challenges. On networks such as LinkedIn and TikTok, we enter viewing information, as well as snippets, to convey the essentials of the respective experience. These videos can be accessed on YouTube, and they complement the dedicated days we organize face to face.

Very early on, we set ourselves up for issues with web 3 [Ndlr: l’ensemble des technologies dédiées à un partage d’information décentralisé, telles que la blockchain]. We have created Club Metaverse with Wold, the first private club that brings together the best French and international Web 3.0 experts every month, with the aim of increasing the overall experience. During these events, our guests were able to meet prominent personalities from the digital world, including Sebastien Badault, Vice President of Ledger, a French startup, pioneer in physical cryptocurrency wallets, or Teddy Bhagbia, one of the 30 most influential influencers to date. .

For us, these initiatives contribute to the unique EDG model. The likes of our professionals is a guarantee not only of knowledge of the current growth drivers, but also of the future dynamics that lead to digital growth. Thanks to this collaboration, we will be able to support more aspects of corporate digital acceleration, and therefore their performance.

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