Grant Thorton embarks on an in-house ‘Executive Education’

According to a study conducted in 2021, by the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), nearly a quarter of graduates from business and engineering schools choose to join the ranks of companies in this sector. Ace! The reality is less clear and “these professions are less attractive to younger generations,” noted Robert Dumbo, president of Grant Thornton in France since 2019.

In order to “stop this mechanism”, in the words of its leader, the company – which has 2,000 employees and has more than 210 million euros in sales in France – is immediately making significant investments. Human resources and developing the skills of its team members. Envelope, its value won’t be filtered, but it promises to be significant given the ambition on display.

complete education

“The goal is to get off the highway to open new trails,” sums up Robert Dumbo, specifying that land clearing does not preclude benefiting from the group’s historical or newer assets. It is a global network and diversification in the field of expertise is already well underway.

Crowning this strategy is a masters academy that puts things on track in a form reminiscent of the Excellence Model for Unstoppable Players in “Executive Education,” or continuing education for managers and executives. The goal is to launch the first promotion next October, knowing that new groups of “40 to 50 employees” should follow quickly, as Robert Dumbo identifies. In order to complement the various courses offered under this framework, Grant Thornton has designed a diploma program with Essec.

digital disruption

An initiative of this scale is justified by the formidable challenges at stake in the audit and consulting professions, on the front line of business support, both in terms of digital disruptions and environmental transformation. “It is our duty to keep our employees awake and open to the world,” emphasizes Robert Dumbo, who also intends to put Grant Thornton on “all market lines, to address all the complexities customers face.” Hence it is a proactive approach in favor of interdisciplinarity that “serves the audit activity, just like consulting,” according to the director, and which aims for “the highest level of competition.”

It is our duty to keep our employees awake and open to the mood.

Robert Dumbo, President of Grant Thornton

To build and direct this project, which is set to evolve (“we will learn as we go,” Robert Dumbo notes), the ad hoc team relies on a steering committee that includes in particular the managers of human resources, training, and various professions. “The aim of the Master Academy is to make our team members ‘enhanced collaborators’ and strengthen their capacity to become representatives in the transformation of society, while allowing us to offer career paths that attract and build loyalty,” explains, for its part, Agnès de Ribet, Partner in charge of Marketing and Communications and business development.

Focus on corporate social responsibility

However, the goal is broader, noted Robert Dumbo, who sees this as a way to contribute to “strengthening Grant Thornton’s overall ecosystem, and even the sector.” In particular by emphasizing corporate social responsibility, which “requires a tree structure, so that we can get things done with customers.”

Convinced that social and societal commitment is no longer an option, and no longer an element linked to performance, Grant Thornton France President insists that “our role goes beyond that of the economic player”. “Our ability to create value does not depend solely on financial factors. For this reason, we are committed to strengthening our commitment to sustainable growth, in order to become a catalyst for enterprise transformation.”

Among other illustrations of this roadmap, the Pact of Good was recently implemented in Grant Thornton France. Signed unanimously by the company’s partner community, it includes a series of commitments in the field of personal behavior and interactions. Enough to embody a leadership model that “goes in the right direction, aligning with the aspirations of everyone, including representatives of new generations,” concludes Robert Dumbo.

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