35% of small businesses in Spain do not have their own websites.

PARIS, May 17 (Benin News/EP) –

Site 35 percent Small Spanish companies do not yet have a website for their own activities, which is a medium that can be of great use to them in promoting their products or services.

This is one of the conclusions he reached Digitization Observatory GoDaddy 2021 in “Study on the digital maturity of small enterprises in Spain and Europe on the occasion of the European Year of Microfinance”. World Internet DayWhich will take place on Tuesday 17 May.

This report indicates first that small businesses are a key figure in the Spanish economic fabric, as they represent the largest share of the total number of small businesses in the Spanish economy. 94.5% of private sector companies.

In recent months, these companies have had to adapt very quickly to the changes brought about by Covid-19 in order to survive the conditions imposed by the pandemic, an important moment for many of them around. appearing online.

So much so that, for a year, a website is set up to promote their products or services, sell their products or services, or sell… Through online channels Or automating internal processes is key to keeping these companies open.

Despite this, only 35% of small businesses surveyed by GoDaddy to determine the digital maturity of Spanish businesses claim to have their own website, while Expand existing sales channels – Especially online channels – are more important than ever.

Today, the site has become the nerve center of the company. digital marketing activities And an essential element in reaching new customers.

Lack of knowledge of the benefits that a web page can bring, Limited financial resourcesLack of technological knowledge and lack of time are the most common reasons for not having a website.

To encourage reluctant business owners, GoDaddy has put together a list of reasons why every small business should have a website. The presence of the Internet.

First of all, the website improves the company’s image. If the company is not present on the web, it means that it does not adapt to the times. In addition, it is advisable to combine this activity with the support of social networks.

Site Attend 24/7 It is another aspect that Godaddy highlights, since there are many “online” channels where you can be present without time constraints: the company’s website, e-mail, social networks …

Being online also helps entrepreneurs to Increase the number of potential customersIt is more likely to locate a business through the search bar than to locate it in person and this helps in broadening the geographical area of ​​the customers.

Finally, this host reminds us that if we pay attention to the content of the page according to the characteristics appreciated by SEO, we can place a small company on the same level as a large company.

Therefore, if a small business has a website that it manages to be among the top positions, consumers will consider the product or service in their options.

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