▷ Overview of Affiliate Methods

Nowadays, it is very easy to create your own website in an hour or two, your page is on the web with the means at hand! Then things get complicated: you’ll have to bring traffic to your website! Affiliate is the part of your online marketing board that boosts your traffic and sales…

Back to this idea…

Affiliate is a partnership between a publisher and a commercial website that seeks to increase traffic. Affiliate marketing is anything an affiliate does to sell or drive potential customers to another site’s product or service.

Belonging is popular thanks to the success of Amazon…

In 1996 Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon.com, promoted affiliate marketing as an online marketing strategy. The site offers affiliates to post links to books for sale on Amazon.com, and promises them a percentage of revenue if a visitor clicks on the link and then purchases books or other items.

This marketing technique, long discredited in France, is very much in vogue: it surged in 2012, and affiliation-oriented online spending underscores the toughness of this marketing technique. In the online advertising market of 2.7 billion euros in 2012, affiliation represents 217 million euros, That is 8% of advertising spendAn increase of 5% compared to 2011.

There are many ways to create affiliation on the Internet: you can promote an affiliate product through a website, emails, blogs, social networks, forums, videos… So let’s go back to the different approaches to get you started on belonging:

Membership - Methods

Overview of the main referral methods

#1 Affiliate Website

This is the most famous method. To increase their traffic, merchant sites submit other sites that are well positioned on search engines to display their products. Affiliate sites display visual elements or text links pointing to the advertiser’s site and thus create a bad reputation and traffic.

#2 Blog Affiliate

Blog marketing is one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to a site. The idea is to create high-quality content that is useful to readers and include affiliate links. For example, if we are talking about a book, we can put an affiliate link on Amazon. Also, the article should be informative and concise, allowing you to build a reputation for expertise in your chosen field. You can’t just promote any product!

#3 Email Affiliate

You can also create email databases of hundreds of thousands of subscribers to whom you can transmit advertisers’ promotions via email. It is one of the most effective marketing levers, as Americans say: The money is in the list. Maintaining a direct relationship via email is the best way to stay in touch with people.

#4 Affiliate Via Paid Ads

You can also use buying sponsored links to generate traffic. Be careful, however, to find an administration that accepts affiliate links. The famous Google Ads Agency (Google Adwords) rejects it for some time…

#5 Social Affiliation

Do you have a Facebook page? Twitter account? Pinterest boards? This is perfect! Talk about a product there, post the link and ask your friends to share the info with their networks

#6 Affiliate via discussion forums

Participating in forums is a good way to place your referral link. Warning, ads are never appreciated, so be careful not to spam the forum. You need to add value to discussions with relevant answers once you put your link in your signature.

#7 Join via online videos

You can make a video showing the product (funny or original if possible) and distribute it on Youtube and Dailymotion by including the affiliate link below. How do you make a video? It’s easy to create one in Powerpoint or Windows Movie Maker.

#8, #9, #10…

There are many “small techniques” for affiliation work. There are advertising sites that allow the promotion of products through your referral link. You will also find online directories where you can submit an article related to the product. The article listed in the directory may be taken up by bloggers for distribution on their sites. You can also write an ebook with lots of affiliate links, record podcasts, and deliver affiliate links verbally through podcasts using a URL shortener


Affiliate is an excellent lever to increase traffic and sales on the site. Choose one or more methods and your site will see an increase in visibility, traffic, and sales…but as with everything, Compliance with certain standards It is essential that performance be on time.

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