With the acquisition of British company Ocere, JVWeb has strengthened its digital marketing

Posted on February 7. 2022 at 15:43

Digital marketing agency JVWeb adjusts its services to businesses and goes global. It just took control of the British company Ocere, which specializes in natural reference and content creation. The new JVWeb-Ocere alliance will provide brands and e-merchants with more specialized support, explains Jonathan Fedor, founder and CEO of JVWeb.

Concretely, Ocere specializes in inserting links into websites with content pointing back to the customer’s site. “For example, on a dog breeder’s website, a link to Royal Canin (pet food) can be inserted on a breed of dog,” explains the manager.

Ocere, which has 40,000 sites in its portfolio in Europe, “remains in each site’s editorial charter, ranking links in relation to Google’s algorithms.” This link building activity is becoming “increasingly important. It is, for the site, a way to differentiate itself”, insists the expert, who created JVWeb in 2004. External growth is made possible by a fundraising of €25 million in 2021.

European partner of Google

Featured in Google’s Top 5 European Partners, JVWeb developed new services last year: creating optimized banners, videos and web pages, to improve conversions of ad campaigns. A trend created by the pandemic: New customers working for BtoB have previously done physical or over the phone prospecting. “There are fewer and fewer people in offices, with remote work. Using the Internet to identify prospects has become the norm for them.”

Headquartered in Paris, Montpellier, Geneva and Shanghai, JVWeb employs 70 people for a 2021 turnover of €21 million. The €25 million mark should be reached in 2022. JVWeb and Ocere plan about two dozen recruitments in 2020.

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