Where is the digital transformation in the events sector?

Francois J. Chevrier, General Manager ÉAQ (Courtesy)

May 16 2022

Éditions Attractions Quebec (ÉAQ), which represents nearly 500 companies in the festivals and tourism activities sector, is one of the sectoral partners to have received a grant from the Digital Transformation Offensive, a program aimed at helping companies enter the era of the “contactless” economy. Discussion with Francois G. Chevrier, General Manager of ÉAQ, to better understand the advancement of digital technology in the tourism events and activities sector.

We can now say that Facebook and Google no longer hold any secrets to promoters of cultural or tourism events. While there is always room for improvement, they generally know how to appear on social media and the web in general. In 2022, the need for support emerged elsewhere, explains François-G. Godherd.

Last year, we conducted a digital diagnosis that shows that support is needed at the transaction level, from buying or booking tickets online, as well as in digitizing the customer experience on site. »

Based on this observation, ÉAQ has decided to focus its support for companies specifically on these operational aspects. Customized training is currently available, and the call for applications to fund the digital transformation project expired on May 11.

Delayed in Quebec?

According to data collected by the organization, the sector of events and tourism activities is not “late” to other sectors of Quebec. Almost 2 out of 3 companies have digital solutions so far. Except that Quebec lags far behind in general, and this is reflected in the events sector, explains the president of ÉAQ.

Having taken on the role of digital marketing, we see the need for companies to provide solutions to reduce queue pressure at the entrance to physical events, by allowing online booking,” he explains.

Francois J. Chevrier states that there are about thirty online ticketing solutions in Quebec, which have already proven themselves (Le Point de vente, Reservotron, Tixigo, to name a few). Often the challenge is for a company to find an application that can communicate with their internal systems.

To make the right technology choices, you have to ask the right questions before making a business decision. Ideally, we want to invest in a solution that ties into our accounting system and our customer database management system. »

Companies can effectively achieve “business intelligence” by checking information from different sources, or in other words, better targeting their customers and personalizing the experience provided.

Imagine a “contactless” experience.

If online ticketing solutions are known, a “digital” face-to-face experience has yet to be invented. Francois J. Chevrier explains that several start-ups are introducing innovations aimed at improving the experience for festival-goers, whether by adding Locketgo to the site or using a chip bracelet. RFID Payment for Consumption (Connect & GO)).

So companies must stay on the lookout for these innovations, in order to choose solutions that adapt to the scale of the event and their logistical capacity.

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