The Grand School of Records launches a search engine for IT training in France

To enhance access to the digital sectors and respond to talent shortages, Grande ecole du numrique offers a search engine for IT training in France. Nearly 40 technology professions are represented and job seekers can select several filters including 100% online offers.

The great digital school is reinventing itself. This training network for digital careers expands its field of work by helping anyone who wants to train for a digital career to find the training that suits them, regardless of their education level and professional status. To do this, it now offers a specialized search engine that was completed in four months. Several databases were retrieved for this project: Mon Compte Formation (CPF), Onisep and Carif-Oref databases. To build this search engine, GEN defines the reliance on three French educational technologies.

First, this data was homogenized and then enriched with additional information thanks to Inokufu’s AI-based automated semantic analysis technology. Mindmatcher then steps in to ensure accurate processing of the information and ‘allowing the search engine to rely both on the digital professions for GEN mapping and also on full-text search criteria in using ‘formatod’ in particular. Finally, the Appsearch solution, which specializes in providing programming interfaces, was used. Applications, to design more complex searches, especially indexed by numerical occupations and keywords.

To build this search engine, GEN defines the reliance on three French educational technologies. (credit: GEN)

Wide range of IT training

People who want to train will find a portal that, according to their profile, offers them personalized results. It is possible to search by business family – Security, Network, Cloud, Management / Experience, Graphics / Interface Design, Data / IA / IoT, Installation / Maintenance / Communications, Digital Communications, Marketing, E-Commerce or even Development, Testing and Operations. Thus users can select a group of deals or click on a particular deal resulting from these categories. They can also fill in the site, with a circumference, check “100% online” and determine the current level of studies.

A map of training in digital careers is available on the GEN website from May 2022. (Credit: GEN)

Simple and responsive, the tool allows you to search from a computer as well as a mobile device. GEN advertises that it offers a catalog of more than 15,000 courses for about forty professions represented. This search engine aims to be enriched regularly and will offer more detailed “matching” options from the end of 2022 to offer jobs that are closer to everyone’s skills. On this portal are also available 70 digital job descriptions, backed by key figures and observatories of digital training and skills highlighting the “Top 15” tense jobs in each region, as well as tips, tools, background articles and topics related to digital careers in France and their challenges.

Achieving a double goal

In addition, GEN announces the creation of an observatory to contribute to the development of the training offer for digital careers. There is also a call for “innovation” projects in the programme, in order to select and support innovative projects in terms of employment, education, support and above all professional integration of the target audiences of GEN. With these different areas of development, GEN wants to “push as many people as possible into the digital professions in order to support the economic development of companies that still need IT talent”. It also wishes to promote the social and professional inclusion of people who are excluded from work and training, especially young people, women and those residing in priority neighbourhoods.

The health crisis has been an unprecedented vector of corporate digitization, but it has also widened the gap between different social classes. Through its programme, the Grande Ecole du Numérique wants to offer qualified personnel to companies and the first results have been positive: more than 39,000 people away from work by the end of 2021 have been trained through certified training. GEN also notes more than 72% of positive releases each year. However, the talent shortage remains. Remote work, the increasing development of e-commerce, big data, cloud and artificial intelligence, is making IT professions more present than ever in companies. “It is necessary to train extensively in these digital professions and to attract more people to this sector, which is a carrier of jobs,” notes GEN.

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