▷ Pinterest Accelerates Its Social Commerce Strategy With WooCommerce, Its New Partner

Brands can connect more and engage their community through Pinterest, from inspiring to completing a buying journey. The platform has formalized its partnership with WooCommerce to help synchronize product catalogs and enhance brand discovery…

roadConsumer buying on pinterest

more than 400 million people Connect to Pinterest to learn about a product, get ideas, and see what’s trending, with the intention of buying. This is an important number In the early stages of the decision-making process on this platform.

Other important figures revealed by Pinterest: Those who visit the platform Tend to spend twice that amount Compared to users of other social networks. In addition, the number Commentators After interacting with the shopping areas increased by 20% In the fourth quarter of 2021. Users also inquire about more items, have an 85% larger cart, and purchase a higher total value compared to competing platforms. So the classic consumer journey on Pinterest is very different.

Faced with these many opportunities, Pinterest has partnered with e-commerce platform WooCommerce, allowing 3.6 million companies of all sizes Synchronize their online catalogs and convert their products into purchasable Pins. This now displays information about product availability and price.

Available from France on 13th April, This feature is also available in more than twenty countries around the world: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Norway, New Zealand and the Netherlands Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Five other countries will follow suit in a few months, namely Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Japan.

WooCommerce creators and merchants can install the Pinterest tag, obtain approved merchant status, and then set up their online storefront.

An opportunity for Pinterest tags and users

This is a huge opportunity for both brands and Pinterest users. If the former had more selling options, installers would be able to easily and quickly discover new brands and products.

Businesses can keep track of the best-selling or most-saved items on Pinterest, as the extension records customer interactions with sellers’ products.

In addition, the company’s entire product catalog is uploaded to Pinterest once the extension is installed. Purchasable Pins appear in users’ feeds when they search for items to purchase, directing them directly to the brand’s website to complete a purchase.

At the forefront of social commerce

remember, Pinterest Presents was an opportunity for Pinterest to showcase many shopping features which will be launched gradually during this year.

In the past month, Pinterest has already launched new features to improve the shopping experience based on individual preferences and tastes. The platform now allows creators and advertisers to further segment their audience with a more targeted shopping journey for every taste. And thanks to this partnership and launch of this extension, it’s a real step forward in making Pinterest a personalized shopping destination.

Alexandra Pettin, Vice President of Business Development at WooCommerce said:

“Our association allows us to make shopping on Pinterest as seamless as possible. WooCommerce has invested heavily in the success of our merchants. They need the right tools to engage their audiences. That is the purpose of the Pinterest integration.”

The extension of Pinterest to WooCommerce is based on a strong ambition: to make Pinterest the number one destination for personal shopping.

Source: Pinterest

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