Mon Chasseur Immo raises €10 million to accelerate its spread

Simplify and improve the purchase of real estate. This is the promise of the technology platform Mon Chasseur Immo, which employs thirty employees in Montpellier. This combines the best of a human (an expert real estate hunter, freelance agent recruited and trained in-house), and the best of a human (a buyer and hunter mobile app). The proptech company intends to accelerate its growth by completing a €10 million fundraising from Ixo Private Equity, accompanied by Galia Gestion, as well as historic shareholders, Irdi Capital Investissement, Sofilaro and several renewed commitment entrepreneurs.

“We aim to open offices in about two dozen medium-sized cities in France, as well as spread to neighboring European countries by 2025,” Frederic Borelli, founder of Mon Chasseur Immo announced in 2012. The fundraising will also fund a new marketing plan as well as improving the digital platform, particularly through artificial intelligence (AI)-based applications. “Artificial intelligence will be used in automated reporting and in sales support payments sent to agents, tailored to each customer’s journey,” explains Frederic Borelli.

130 agents in France

Proptech covers the entire transaction process and brings productivity gains to the fisherman and saves time for the buyer. An idea born from a simple observation: in real estate transactions, “buyers are the most neglected by real estate services. Everything still needs to be done in terms of services, especially thanks to digital technology”, explains the founder.

For this purpose, Mon Chasseur Immo offers a phygital model with 130 dealerships located in the Paris region, in Lyon, Nantes and in several cities in southern France. “Our hunters accompany the client in the field and also provide them with video reports, which are available through the app or via the Whatsapp app,” Frédéric Bourelly identifies. Guaranteed advantages: merchandise found in average 45 days, less than three visits before purchase, acquisition on average 6% less than maximum budget, e-signature … Target: buyers with short lead times, And sometimes far from their place of research with a lack of knowledge of the market. “This person can be a single person or a first-time buyer,” says Frédéric Borelli.

Mon Chasseur Immo supports more than 5,000 property buyers on their project, and reports 30% growth in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year. About fifteen recruitments are planned this year.

Sarah Nguyen Cao Khong

Pictured: Mon Chasseur Immo app. Credit: Dr.

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