▷ How to combine digital prospecting and telephone prospecting?

It might not be as exciting as closing a sale, but for small businesses, incorporating sales prospecting into your normal routine is crucial. By continually working on customer acquisition, you can help protect against the kind of sales slump that can spell trouble for a business…

One of the keys to modern business acquisition that isn’t talked about enough is the growing need to bring it online with digital prospecting activities that put you face to face with your ideal customer. In front He starts looking for solutions.

Also, don’t think that digital prospecting is only for B2B sales, all types of businesses can benefit from prospecting tactics!

So how do you combine digital prospecting and phone prospecting?

What are the fundamentals of effective digital and commercial prospecting?

Step 1 :crstarCreate a customer avatar

You’ve probably heard the advice to create an “ideal customer” or a “customer avatar.” But if you create an avatar that isn’t based on reality, it probably won’t be as effective as possible for you. Instead of creating a generic customer avatar for prospecting, be very specific about who your real customers are (and who you want them to be).

Step 2: Use digital sales promotion tools

The best part about going digital with your prospecting is the ability to use software (CRM) to track where prospects are, stay organized and measure effectiveness. The right CRM will keep you organized and give you one place to track important lead information. You can combine prospecting with phone calls, which is probably still the most popular channel for sales communication. But more and more people value the ability to communicate with businesses the same way they communicate with everyone else.

step 3 :crPublish and share content

Content is essential to being recognized as a thought leader and is therefore the first step in digital business acquisition. By creating and sharing content that targets your ideal prospect, you can build and educate trust at the same time.

Then, when they make a purchase, they already know about your business or you as an individual and are more likely to convert.

Step 4: Be active on social media

You may have heard that some sales reps have found success with social media and wondered how exactly they got there. The key is to see social media not just as a forum for life updates and travel photos, but as a place to further build your reputation as a thought leader.

Step 5: Connect with prospects on different channels

As we mentioned earlier, the most common way to get in touch with prospects is over the phone. Surprisingly, people always respond well to phone calls, especially in a B2B context. However, if you want to go a little further than most to put your prospects at ease, there are a number of ways you can get in touch with us.

For example, if you use professional platforms like LinkedIn, register on B2B forums, you can offer an option in your registration form to find out how a potential customer prefers to be contacted: via email, phone call or even SMS. You can also embed a chat widget right on your website to quickly and easily answer pre-sales questions.

How can we give our client, this entrepreneur, that part of ourselves called the love of his job, to help him gain height and become even more inspirational, empowered, full of compassion and creativity to get to the top to arrive and embark on more and more projects?

I have asked myself this question over the past 15 years as a sales and marketing manager in small and large companies.

Since I always worked on the commercial and digital levers at the same time, I didn’t want to found a “classic” marketing agency.

So I combined these two activities to create an agency that offers the combination of the so-called current approach, digital, and the more traditional, phone prospecting.

A global approach to use the digital channel to gain visibility, get known, generate leads and create a personalized connection with your destination.

A goal that is very close to my heart: reconciling quality in favor of quantity.

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