5 courses to learn digital marketing

Digital Marketing from A to Z

LiveMentor offers this online training, which aims to become a sustainable marketer on the Internet, an expert in digital tools, who adopts the right business style and uses the best platforms to develop his business on the Internet. No Prerequisites Required: The organization is responsible for teaching you the necessary skills in digital marketing. Bonus: A module that trains you on mobile marketing in 2020.

Duration: contact the organization
Admission to the public: 1500€, CPF is fundable
Price: current employee, job seeker, company and student

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Digital Marketing Basics

If you are looking for a short training, LH Solutions allows you to understand and understand digital marketing developments, know the challenges and leverages, in order to acquire methods and tools to implement a strategy in order to manage your website traffic. You will also learn how to analyze KPIs. Two years of professional experience is required to pursue this training.

Duration: 3 days
Recognized audience: current employee and company
Price: €2160, not eligible for CPF

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Digital Marketing Specialist

It is possible to follow a long training to improve digital marketing. This is the 16-month program offered by DSP, the Digital School of Paris, offered at the organization’s Paris Center and on a work-study basis. Bonus: Innovative pedagogy, which combines theory and practice in specific cases. At the end of the training you will be ready to work and be able to take on positions of responsibility. A baccalaureate level +4 is required to apply for this programme.

Duration: 16 months
Acceptance of the audience: Student
Price: contact the organization, CPF financed

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Online Marketing (Digital Marketing)

Synthèses Formation offers this training offered in Rennes. Objective: To understand the challenges of digital marketing and to understand the main tools in a professional environment. Digital communications, e-commerce, e-commerce, online marketing tools, and email campaigns are among the topics covered. Bonus: You can take advantage of dedicated workshops.

Duration: contact the organization
Audience accepted: Current employee, job seeker and company
Price: 735 euros

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Practice digital marketing

If you are looking for a short 100% distance learning course, you can follow this program offered by Montuteur.fr. You will learn what digital marketing and its tools are, master the knowledge needed to communicate with customers and how to gain new heights from digital tools. At the end of the training, you will have a global view of the levers to use to highlight the vision while increasing your sales volume. You must have a Windows PC, an Internet connection, a headset, and a microphone.

Duration: 30 hours
Recognized audience: current employee and company
Duration: 1100€, CPF financeable

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These courses come from the MaFormation website of HelloWork Group, the publisher of BDM.

Other offers of digital marketing training await you at MaFormation.

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