Email solutions, a strategic asset for entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs gain exposure on the Internet in various ways. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are the most used methods. Companies with a fairly large budget can use advertising (advertising). But there is a traffic lever that is often exploited and remains just as effective: email.

What are the email challenges?

By prospecting for your future customers through this medium of communication, your approach will not be perceived as intrusive (unlike banners and other advertisements on the network). The key is knowing how to deliver a dynamic, engaging, and engaging email to your target. For effective email marketing, here are the five golden rules to follow:

1. Be clear-cut. Many emails are thrown in the trash because the recipients don’t understand where they come from.

2. Adapt your email to the mobile phone. Your potential customers consult their emails on different media (computers, tablets, smartphones). So your email should be “Responsive”.

3. Be clear in your approach. Remember to provide all relevant information.

4. Present your marketing email in a clear and easy-to-read manner to the potential customer. Remember to fan your content, and incorporate call-to-action buttons in strategic places.

5. Pay attention to the subject of your email, it is the first thing a potential customer sees. This is where you will need to include keywords and calls to action.

This acquisition phase is certainly the most difficult to set up, but not the most strategic. Then comes the second stage: loyalty. After your first campaigns, you will need to analyze your results. Thus you will be able to draw conclusions that will allow you to adapt your emails to make them more effective.

There are many tools for managing email campaigns. The most popular Mailchimp. This SaaS solution allows you to create complete and customizable newsletters, and send them to your contacts. The most appreciated function of this tool is segmentation in sending emails. Its many options make Mailchimp the most widely used email program. But beware, this solution is in English.

Alternatively, in French there is the solution: Mailkitchen. This free and intuitive tool offers useful features such as linking to your Google Analytics account, allowing you to get more advanced statistics for your campaigns. You can easily analyze your data and know what strategy to put in place to increase the open rate of your campaigns.

Choosing your email solution is essential, as it will determine the future strategy for your acquisition and customer loyalty. Also, remember to choose a tool that allows you to send newsletters as well as automated emails.

More than just a means of transferring data, email contains customer relationship-oriented functionality and complements the functionality of your CRM software. Email is a true asset to integrate into your business strategy.

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