▷ Adapt your business, marketing and communications to COVID-19

The self-employed and businesses in general have had a hard time since the containment measures related to the Coronavirus/Covid-19. Cancellation, postponement, half mast activity will be in the coming months. To get through this stagnation, here are some tips for adapting your communications and activism…

Keep your optimism

During this period that affects the entire population, it is important to maintain your optimism!

Take advantage of this confinement time to review your communication strategy and prepare for the coming months. After this sharp drop in activity imposed by the Corona virus, it will be important to do so Start over at full speed to make up for the lost months.

Be positive and prepare now for that recovery!

Get closer to potential clients and clients

If the period isn’t on sale, and budgets are mostly on hold, it’s a good time to approach potential clients and retain clients.

Reach out to them regularly, offer to adapt your services, and start planning for the next few months with them.

It is important to have a good follow-up. Like us, with our web marketing training and coaches, you must have canceled some of your services. As much as possible, try to provide different options to increase deferrals and reduce cancellations.

If your activity allows it, consider offering specific services. A good example is Intermarché, which has dedicated working hours for the elderly.

Mutual assistance should be a value to be developed, whether with your colleagues, clients or partners.

Everyone must unite to get out of the coronavirus crisis.

Now think about adapting your offer

Adapting your offer is essential, the date for a return to normal is still very vague, and it is important to consider adapting your offer now to be ready in the event of an extension.

It takes time…but…good news…there will be plenty of time over the next few weeks!

If you have a business and aren’t selling online yet, it’s time to get started. Without launching an e-commerce site which can take several months to set up, start receiving orders via email or through your social networks.

If you are coaching or coaching, now is the time to create your online coaching.

These are two examples, but in general, use these new constraints to introduce new, adapted services.

Free viewing option during COVID 19 related booking

Many media have set up free offers, especially Canal +. It’s an excellent strategy, and thus the show can be tested in a massive way. It’s also a great way to get people talking about your brand.

Of course, this does not apply to all activities, but why not consider a free limited-time offer to discover all or part of your offer.

Take the opportunity to work on core topics

The next few weeks will be an opportunity to work on your core topics.

For months you’ve been thinking about launching a new show, fixing your connections, updating your site…

enjoy To work on these topics constantly postponed for lack of time!

Be creative : Create new offers and services

Adapt your communications

Despite the reduced activity, it is necessary to maintain regular communication. Inbound marketing, natural references/SEO, email marketing and social networks will be your best allies.

Work on search engine optimization

Working on SEO on Google takes time: creating content, links, optimizing the site … Take advantage of this period to consider this topic. Within a few months, results will arrive to help you re-launch.

If there is an action within everyone’s reach that can have an impact on your SEO, creating content that is original and optimized on the terms creates business. To help you, re-read this article: Create content that appeals to Google but especially your goal.

And if you need to practice SEO, follow our online training from your couch 😊

Connect on social networks

Although social networks are currently awash with information regarding covid 19, people will at some point need to move on.

Take the opportunity to connect regularly on all your social networks. People at home tend to log in more regularly.

Don’t forget about email marketing

Also communicate regularly with your subscriber base. And if you don’t have an email marketing strategy yet, now is the time to start one. For this, read our article “Creating a newsletter with Mailchimp”.

Browse live video formats

Webinar, Facebook Live or otherwise, it’s a good time to set up live connections. Get started!

Adapt your advertising budgets

Depending on your activities, adapt your advertising budgets. For some activities that become impossible with confinement, it’s best to slow down your budgets. If Google Ads campaigns can be easily interrupted without effect, favor slowing down Facebook Ads campaigns, the Facebook algorithm doesn’t like stopping and resuming campaigns very often.

Conversely, if your online activity allows you to recover from the situation, take advantage of it to increase your budgets. Competition will decrease and so will prices, as most advertising platforms are based on the auction model.

The assistance set by the government for entrepreneurs and the self-employed

To wrap up this topic, here are some of the aid that the government has put in place to respond to the coronavirus situation.

Several aids have been announced, for example, URSSAF has automatically canceled the March deadline, and will gradually be pushed back over the next few months.

Existing loans can be staggered, and a solidarity fund is set up for the self-employed and small businesses. It will be intended for companies that have seen their turnover fall by more than 70% and will be allocated to companies whose turnover does not exceed 1 million euros.

Water, gas and electric bills as well as rents can be suspended.

Other aids are also being posted, on this topic I advise you to read the full dossier published by Monter Son Business: Helping Entrepreneurs in the Wake of Coronavirus.

Good luck in this complicated time, feel free to share your good practices via the comments!

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