What is post-baccalaureate out-of-cycle training at Pays de Morlaix? – Morlex

  • 1 Training is available after the baccalaureate

  • At Morlaix, Greta, renowned for its selection of adult continuing education, provides BTS SIO IT services to enterprises with the option of system and network infrastructure solutions. To join this training, you must have a baccalaureate degree and/or significant experience in the digital field. The following media meetings are scheduled for May 4, 2022 and June 2, at 9:30 AM.

    contact: tel. 02 98 88 60 87. Information on www.greta-bretagne.ac-rennes.fr

    At Saint-Pol-de-Léon, the Higher Training Institute, Isffel, also has a gateway out of Parcoursup: the approved title of Associate Director of a Business Unit, which is carried out after the baccalaureate. The application file must already be submitted together with the first final flyers on the website www.isffel.fr. After the initial selection stage, an interview date is scheduled. The personality of the applicant for work and study in the company plays a major role in accessing this training. At Bac + 1, another teaching was introduced, still in the trade sector: the market unit manager. It should be noted that these two courses are free and paid and funded by companies.

    contact: tel. 06 73 13 47 86, [email protected]

  • 2 baccalaureate + 3

  • A minimum of nine 3+ baccalaureate courses are offered at Pays de Morlaix. In Roscoff, the Sorbonne University Biology Modeling and Data Analysis license is open for appointment from April 13 to May 13 on the Roscoff Biological Station portal. It should be noted that from the start of the 2022 academic year, these students will be housed in the Laber Building, which underwent a renovation last winter and provides 26 new rooms, in addition to working and living spaces.

    In particular, in partnership between Isffel and Sorbonne University, two professional degrees are awarded: a professional degree in food safety, nutrition and analysis and a professional degree in marine biotechnology for the development of vital resources. Recruitment is ongoing and will continue until summer. Contact Isffel: www.isffel.fr.

    The Saint-Politain coach, who specializes in the study of work and proximity to companies, is also rich in the commerce sector: the first license in charge of sales and marketing development, the second in international trade and development, the ‘Pro license in commerce and distribution in partnership with the IUT of Morlaix and the bachelor’s degree in management Marketing for the point of sale. In the logistics sector, Isffel also offers a Pro Logistics license with the IUT of Saint-Malo and Bachelor Transport and Logistics.

  • 3 baccalaureate + 4 and +5

  • If the Roscoff Biological Station hosts teaching modules for master’s students from the Jussieu campus in Paris, in particular for their training in laboratory and field work (MSc in Integrative Biology, MSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology and MSc in Cosmology, Ecology and Environment), locally guaranteed direct assignments should be considered By the Isffel of Saint-Pol-de-Léon: In the trade sector, the training center already offers a master’s degree in marketing, trade, distribution and purchasing also as an approved title of Director of Strategy and Commercial Performance and in the logistics sector, a master’s degree in supply chain management and procurement and an approved title as an executive procurement and supply strategies. Finally, in the QSE (Quality, Safety and Environment) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) sector, several accredited titles are highlighted: at Bac +4, Quality, Safety and Environment Manager, and at Bac + 5, Safety and Environmental Risk Manager, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Development sustainable.

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