Special support for construction workers

With Ready4Digital, by 2023, more than a thousand craft companies in this sector will be able to benefit from free digital mastering training on a daily basis.

While nearly all construction workers own at least one piece of technological equipment, The construction sector is the least digitized in France, which leads to problems with profitability, inventory management or site coordination.” Philip Webby knows what he’s talking about: Former Hewlett-Packard VP of Digital Europe, this Electronics and Communications engineer from Insa Lyon was created in 2017. Ready4Digital Network for Digital Support (turnover €500,000 with 30 consultants and 4 employees), “to help VSEs succeed in their transformation in their profession and business process.”

In October 2021, his and partner firm Midrange Consulting were selected during the call for bids launched by BpiFrance, France Num and France Relance for Training VSE companies and SMEs in the construction industry to help them adopt or increase the use of digital technology and improve their visibility and competitiveness. »

Business Productivity and Website Tools

The first program that has just started and will end in June 2023, It primarily aims to build companies with fewer than 10 employees. ” that it Enabling artisans to use the cloud model, collaborative tools, manage their inventory digitally, work on CRM software, expand their digital marketing, and update their website,” Philip Webby explains. To qualify for these sessions, the company must be based in particular in France, have a legal presence of at least two years, have generated sales of more than €20,000 during the last financial year, and have a computer and Internet access.

Training, 100% support By BpiFrance and France Relance, it consists of 4 stages. The first consists of evaluating your company’s digital performance for free and in less than ten minutes online on a website (Eval.ready4digital.fr). After that, all you have to do is sign up for a session on the same site, which consists of Two days of training in small groups, online or on site. During the first day, it is about positioning analysis and identifying digital tools for Increase the productivity of their business. The second day is more site-oriented, with Use of collaborative tools, information exchange, coordination, and use of electronic plans.

Target 1250 companies

At the end of the session, by phone or on site, the consultant prepares a report with each craftsman to help him locate or, if necessary, put him in touch with the interlocutors, as in the case of CRM tools. For Philip Webb, The state wants to give a new impetus to the construction sector. The goal is to translate word of mouth or yellow pages into digitization, as well as to develop two or three axes that make it possible to quickly improve the life of craftsmen.” By June 2023, the goal will be to train 1,250 craft projects.

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