Pineappli simplifies corporate life

The company makes it a point of honor to ensure the technical and legal security of the data stored and transmitted.

Secure and simplify access to employee and company data. This, in a nutshell, is the mission that Pineappli has set for itself. After a long career as a consultant and trust expert, its president and founder, Jean-Marc Rich, collaborated with his son, a computer and electronics engineer, to develop this innovative project in terms of security and data archiving. .

The company was launched in 2019, and joined MonacoTech in July 2020.” I thought it would be fun to join MonacoTech because I knew we wouldn’t be just a numberJean-Marc Rich explains. This is the great advantage of Monaco: unlike giant incubators that can be found in France or elsewhere, here, if you ask a question, you get an answer, there is real support. Joining MonacoTech also helped us tremendously, because even though the product was almost ready on a technical, on a commercial and marketing level, there was still a lot to do. »

The support, along with the support provided by the government of the Emir and the Blue Fund, which enabled the company to finance part of its project thanks, in particular, to the various security certifications it is subject to.

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Sign your documents online

And if technical security was a key aspect for Jean-Marc Rich, he had a second idea: to add to this security base, access to so-called trust services, such as electronic signatures.

With authenticity howeverHe says. Pineappli does not perform these services: we are connecting to another platform. The user who wants to sign does so in a Pineappli environment, quite transparently, but it’s not Pineappli who signs: it’s a specialized third party. This makes it possible to secure the device both at the technical level, and at the legal and regulatory level. »

These specialized platforms, located in France, Luxembourg and the Principality of Monaco, allow the 50 or so client companies (nearly 500 users) to choose their own electronic signature platform. Among these companies is Monaco Telecom.

Martin Peronnet (left), CEO of Monaco Telecom and Jean-Marc Rich (right), founder of Pineappli – © Pineappli

We are very proud of itJean-Marc Rich rejoices, And we thank them for trusting us so quickly, especially since we are a startup that, at the time, was just getting started, without much hindsight. Monaco Telecom pay slips are signed with an electronic certificate, but are still issued in the Monaco Telecom name. This reassures the staff. »

Monaco Telecom also called Pineappli for another service, a real strength for the company: allowing its employees to keep their payroll in the same place. ” This is one of our strengthstrusts the founder of the company. Once connected to Pineappli, you can keep, archive, sign, stamp, transfer… you can do everything in the same place, without having to change tools. »

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Keep your data

If at the moment the service is intended only for companies and their workforce, then in the future the company can think of development for individuals, especially thanks to the digital lockers system. An online service, which is available in three ways:

First, there is the single user vault, which the company provides. The benefit for the employee is that he has in his safe all his non-material salary slips that are guaranteed at the level of their confidentiality. On the day that employee leaves the company, they can take back their digital bulletins and put them where they want, or contract with Pineappli and keep it safe. We can even consider that, in the future, this safe will hold other documents, such as telecom, energy, parking, or even business bills! The advantage is that in case of loss or theft, you have a trace in the trunk. »

striped pineapple
© Pineapple

Another possibility: request a shared safe, which many users can connect to. A highly secure space, where the creator chooses the rights granted to other employees (view, edit, upload, download or delete a document).

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The last and highest level of security is secure electronic archiving, in which the retention period of documents is pre-regulated. ” For example, if you decide that a document must be kept for fifteen years, it cannot be deleted before that date. On this date, Pineappli will automatically suggest deleting it. »

Features that have already attracted a wide range of customers in Monaco, France and Luxembourg. Ultimately, Jean-Marc Rietsch and his team hope to develop more internationally but also add other functions, such as semantic search, to find a document using keywords. Lots of services that can greatly simplify the daily life of the 50,000 employees who work every day in the emirate.

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