Need a replacement? 10 good reasons to enlist at Kwark Universities, the 100% online school!

100% distance learning and 100% work-study, Kwark universities claim an original teaching approach based on technology, soft skills and flexibility. Are you looking for a partner to support you in work and study appointments? Discover the benefits of this new coaching representative!

Education level, activity sector, craft: a wide range of profiles!

This educational group, created in 2021, consists of four brands:

  • BTS Academy: from Pre-Baccalaureate to Bac+2, in one or two years
  • Undergraduate Academy: Bac +3, in 1 or 3 years
  • Academic Master: Bac +5, in one or two years
  • Quark Academy: The first major technology and business school, Bac +2 to Bac +5, 100% at Metaverse

Human resources, marketing, finance, heritage, commerce, IT and digital, tourism, banking and insurance, real estate… The degrees offered by Quark universities cover a wide range of activities.

Very enthusiastic students

“Before obtaining the diploma, we look at the motivation of students who want to enroll with us,” says Ronnie Jermon, managing director of Quark Universities. The employment test, designed to examine the candidate’s personality and potential, is their main guide in making the admission decision.

100% distance learning

Enrolled at Kwark Universities, your work and study students can attend all classes and work on their school projects from the comfort of their homes. This allows you to hire employees who live close to your company, even if they are far from their school. Flexibility that removes barriers to employment, especially in short-term professions!

For example, the school created a 100% digital in-house CFA for Chausséa in a strategic brand segment: the in-store sales consultant career. Result: 100 young men, ages 16-19, without a baccalaureate were recruited from August to December 2021 to earn an RNCP title at the baccalaureate level. “All positions have been filled, including in remote areas, and we plan to recruit another 50 young people by the end of the year!” Ronnie Jermon rejoices.

Focus on soft skills

All Kwark Universities courses include a module dedicated to soft skills that includes different qualities: learning to learn, managing with kindness, giving positive feedback, and working on your affirmation. “These are essential skills, which have no expiration date, which will allow our work and study students to develop later in their careers,” Ronnie Jermon says:

There are two other topics common to all courses: Track Media Cultureto learn how to spot fake news and learn about cognitive biases in our reception of information, and the course on responsible digital.

A-Z support for your recruitment processes

The school supports companies from the sourcing stage of their business study students through a targeted multi-channel communication system (teaser, influencers, TV show, digital open days, metaverse business dating). “With companies we determine the profile that fits them best, pass our recruitment test to the candidates, debrief with the recruiters, send them an initial set of profiles, and then, once they have selected their future collaborator, we take care of the administrative part. Then the students spend Work and study the first week with us, remotely or face-to-face, before taking up their positions at the company.says Ronnie Jermon.

Training program in your company’s colors

Whether through continuing education or through apprenticeships, the school can set up customized classes in consultation with the company. With strong conviction: Go ahead Learning via the app. Work-study trainees are then shown case studies from the company, and introductory and closing videos produced by the sales manager, for example. The goal is to anchor this learning in our partner’s world so that students are constantly immersed in a work environment that they are familiar with. »

Returns throughout the year

Do your employment needs at work and study extend throughout the year? Do you have peak activity (sales, business operations, closing accounts, etc.)? Kwark universities can organize up to one per month, except in July and August. “We advise our partners to rely on a return every three months in order to anticipate their needs.” Each promotion has from 6 to 40 students and a work-study.

Four days out of five at work

The proposed work and study schedule, for one day at school and four days in the company, is designed so that work and study students spend as much time as possible with their employer and can pursue long-term projects.

Flexible organization based on the best technology

To deliver high-level connected training, the school relies on the best technology. “Students from the same class are in class one day a week: half a day is devoted to synchronous virtual classes and one to individual work on asynchronous content, possibly case studies.”Ronnie Jermon explains.

The school also builds on the development of the metaverse, this immersive virtual world, to offer innovative educational formats: “From September, our partners will have the possibility to open their campus in the metaverse: if you want to train 200 people during the year, you can open a campus of your colors, where students will be able to follow the training program that you will imagine!”

Regular monitoring throughout the work and study contract

Work and study students have a dedicated coach, from beginning to end of the year, and an outstanding interviewer who can easily make themselves available, because each coach accompanies a maximum of 50 students. On the business side, at the beginning of the decade, teachers and apprenticeship professors follow the training provided by Quark Universities which aims to clarify their responsibilities and provide them with methods of support.

Each week, the teacher and student at work, study and school are invited to fill out an electronic brochure so that everyone is informed of the student’s achievements and goals.

Convinced of the work and study model offered by Quark Universities? Contact the school now to recruit your future talents!

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