Digital Marketing in 2021: Time for Action and Meaning to Convince Potential Customers

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With the recovery, is digital marketing really going through a revolution? Many questions for answers that show that today’s most fashionable initiatives are a refocus on personalization, local campaigns, solidarity, impact and the search for meaning…

France Num (, The National Initiative for Digital Transformation of SMEs VSE took advantage of the One to One digital marketing event to bring together in the FrenchWeb Microphone, 3 professionals invoking the cause for their company and their activism regarding thoughtful digital marketing with Maintain a strong sense of the quality of the customer experience.

Beatrice Nalbas Cala ( is the Operations Director of a small and medium family business established in 1870: Castex Factory ( /), DAX-based. Since 2012, this French manufacturer of natural quilts, quilts and pillows has been implementing e-commerce actions where customer satisfaction is an everyday reality. An exciting testimonial for a company that is testing: AI for media campaigns, a chatbot, a merchant website with a blog to inform potential customers and build customer loyalty…

Vincent Tobol Flashshire ( /), founder and CEO of Goodeed (, a young French social enterprise, explains an original economic model of this company like no other: every visitor can donate for free by watching ads. This startup is now convincing major advertisers and media groups. These digital groups attract 100% of young donors: 80% are between 18 and 35 years old. Has Advertising Really Become Solidarity?

Stephen Borth (, Digital Director at Orange, explains the changes taking place in digital marketing in the B2B market with the need to adapt the market, especially for professionals.

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