Crate & Barrel announces first executive position for Metaverse

Chicago – What kind of experience does a retail manager need who immerses himself in the Metaverse? Answer: product development.

Sebastian Brauer

Sebastian Brauer, the new maestro for Crate & Barrel Holdings (CBH) is Sebastian Brauer, who has been named Senior Vice President of Product Design and Development and Metaverse. Previously, he served as Vice President of Product Design and Development.

Brauer joined the company in 2018. He will continue in his new role overseeing the product design, development and visual marketing teams for the Crate & Barrel brands and will also be responsible for the company’s strategic vision.

“My passion for leading teams to enable transformation – in particular connecting the physical and digital worlds through design thinking, collaboration and creativity – will allow us to explore new media, dimensions and technologies to effectively deliver CBH in a new and modern experimental market,” he said.

Crate has announced two additional offerings, which it describes as paving the way for future growth.

Crate & Barrel Marketing

Alicia Waters

Alicia Waters, who previously served as chief marketing officer, has been appointed executive vice president of Crate & Barrel and Crate & Kids. Joanne King, formerly Senior Vice President of E-Commerce and International Trade, has been appointed as Senior Vice President of Digital and Global Growth.

Waters has been with the company for more than seven years, leading the marketing efforts for all of the company’s brands. In her new role, she will be responsible for driving the strategic direction of the company, from product and marketing to retail operations, digital excellence, and employee engagement.

She said, “Our clients and staff have always inspired me to develop the business to meet clients’ needs and support them at every step of their journey home, whether in the kitchen, creating a ‘nursery’ or renovating an empty nest.”

Crate & Barrel, Digital and Global Growth

Jin King

King first joined Crate & Barrel in 2001 and has pioneered the online customer experience across CBH brands across all devices, apps and in-store solutions. Today, approximately 65% ​​of all CBH sales take place online. In his new role, King will continue to lead and grow the digital vision for all brands, as well as lead the company’s international expansion into new markets this year.

“Since joining CBH, I have been fortunate to work with exceptional teams across the organization who are passionate about improving the customer experience,” King said.

“All three individuals are strong, goal-oriented leaders who have consistently brought value and innovation to the company,” said Janet Hayes, CEO of Crate & Barrel Holdings Inc.. They will continue to lead Crate & Barrel Holdings into the future with vision, leadership and purpose.


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