What you need to know about the e-learning platform “Academia Digital”

Yesterday in Rabat, the launch of the national e-learning platform “Academy Digital” was launched. Designed by the Digital Development Agency, this platform aims to train 12,500 beneficiaries annually (civil servants, company employees and the general public). Eleven courses will be offered offering 173 courses totaling more than 1,200 hours of training, in addition to educational content provided by several technology partners.

The official launch of the national e-learning platform “Academy Digital”. Designed and developed by the Agency for Digital Development (ADD), this initiative aims to enhance human capital skills in terms of knowledge and knowledge in various digital professions, and aims to enhance learning through innovative technological tools. The launch of this platform comes in implementation of the general guidance memorandum for the development of digital technology by 2025 developed by the Department of Sustainable Development in 2019 and within the framework of the implementation of the road map for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which includes 15 sites, including 5 priority sites. “.
The “Academia Digital” platform is part of the “Digital Generation” priority project of the Abu Dhabi Development Tool, which consists of establishing a national training initiative in the digital field to enhance human capital qualifications in terms of knowledge and skills in various digital fields. professions. It thus aims to develop learning via innovative technological tools as well as to promote digital culture among youth and all citizens,” asserts Mohamed Idriss Melyani, Director of ADD in a speech delivered during the launch event.

Dedicated to the general public, administrations and companies (VSEs, SMEs and Startups), the platform offers a diverse, multidisciplinary range of courses in the digital field, allowing them to immerse themselves in new skills capable of ensuring better digital inclusion. New professions based on technological innovation. The Digital Academy also provides the possibility to follow training courses that will be validated with internationally recognized certificates, as confirmed by the Minister Plenipotentiary for Digital Transformation and Administrative Reform, Gita Mazur.
In detail, we learned that the platform offers two training courses. The first is a development course for continuing education in the digital field, intended for employees of public administrations and companies (VSEs, SMEs and Startups). As for the second course, it is known as the “digital acculturation” course to raise awareness and introduce the general public to the digital number.

Notably, the training catalog covers key digital disciplines, in this case digital acculturation, departmental digital discovery, corporate digital discovery, IT development, design, infrastructure, networking and cybersecurity, digital marketing, data and artificial intelligence, digital transformation, emerging, Management, leadership and interpersonal skills. In parallel, the platform offers digital acculturation training in dialect Arabic intended for the general public with the aim of introducing Moroccan citizens to some basic digital concepts, in particular e-commerce, Internet security and web page development.
With regard to the deployment of the platform, it is planned in two phases:
• The first three-month pilot phase that will benefit 1,350 people, 1,000 from the general public, has been identified at the level of three major institutions (ANAPEC, OFPPT, ANLCA), 250 beneficiaries from departments and 100 from the private sector.

• The second phase, which is called the generalization phase, and it will continue from the fourth to the twelfth month of the spread to reach 12,500 beneficiaries, that is, an additional 9,000 beneficiaries from the general public and 2,150 from departments and companies. Note that this stage will see the addition of additional licenses.
The online training platform Academia Digital aims to train 12,500 beneficiaries annually. 173 courses totaling more than 1,200 training hours are available through 11 training tracks in addition to the training content provided by several technology partners such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Mastercard, Huawei and the Interactive Digital Center “IDC Morocco”, ADD Manager explains.
The Minister of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, Ahmed Tawfiq, in a speech on the occasion of the launch of this platform, welcomed this initiative, which would accelerate the digital transformation project launched by the Kingdom a few years ago. The senior official also expressed his desire to see 40 engineers available for his management among the first beneficiaries of this program.

Signing an agreement

A partnership agreement was signed on the sidelines of the launch of the “Digital Academia” platform, by the Minister Delegate for Digital Transformation and Administrative Reform Gita Mazur, and the president of the Moroccan Association of Heads of Provincial and Regional Councils, Abdelaziz Darwish. This agreement aims to establish digital projects with high added value at the local level, in order to provide high-quality administrative services to users. This agreement also aims to enhance the digital skills of civil servants in 75 provincial and district councils, through continuous training programs.

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