What studies to work in the digital field?

Digital technology has been present in our daily lives for several years and is present in many sectors of activity. Discover study paths that allow you to train in digital professions according to your profile.

Advance Digital Schools Various training tracks for young people wishing to work in this field. These institutions notably offer Bachelor’s degrees (three-year course) which provide a general digital culture and a strong technical dimension. In order to lead graduates towards professional integration.

Students will explore several aspects of digital during the training. They can then continue their studies and Master’s degree development On digital creation, digital marketing, and data analytics…

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Several digital portals

It is also possible to turn to engineering colleges, management schools or polytechnics which offer “digital” directed courses. Qualification levels vary, but keep in mind that digital and digital careers can be accessed from any type of profile.

Future digital professionals can also join a short course such as BTS in Computer Science / BUT in Computer Science (formerly DUT) In order to find a place faster in the professional environment. These courses are offered at many institutions across the territory. Some university licenses (computing, communications) open doors in the digital sector.

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Great variety of formations

The vast majority attend a digital school right after the baccalaureate. “On the other hand, we don’t have any perspective yet on the new phrase. Digital schools remain open for selection of majors by high school students.”, says Emmanuel Peter, Director of IIM. Choosing a numerical and computer science major is an asset but not necessarily a requirement.

Studying in the digital field requires motivation and passion, but it is also very demanding. Diversity of profiles is part of the digital coaching identity. “We can get there with very different files,” continues the IIM manager.

The Principal of the Bordeaux Campus at the École Supérieure du Digitims (ESD) determines that the institution will take care of the student’s curiosity and its ability to develop skills. “The digital field is changing very quickly in terms of tools. You have to ask yourself regularly and Sometimes you know how to search for information on your own.”Elisa Echeveri explains.

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Learning via the app

The educational program places great emphasis on practice in digital schools. Students can test their skills during projects. But every school has special educational modelThis is why it is important to be well informed about making your choice.

Some students also choose to study work In order to connect learning technical skills with their initial passion. “Companies want students with A level skills for operational tasks. The work-study program requires personal work and rigor,” says the Director of ESD at Purdue.

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Excellent professional integration

There is no shortage of career opportunities in the digital sector It is everywhere today (communication, marketing, advertising, transportation, etc.) atypical career paths can well find their place. Know that women have a better chance of finding work Because companies share a desire to create parity in their teams.

With the advent of new technologies, digital technology is no longer just about professions called “technical” professions.. There is an explosion of possibilities with the advent of artificial intelligence, artificial images, connected things… and behind these possibilities there is a great diversity of professions.

With the digital transformation of companies, young graduates can switch to technical implementation (development, network engineering) as well as to a more business and communication oriented part. Some young people will also turn to digital design and creativity. Innovation research also offers good job opportunities.

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