Training in practice in health, a sector in complete digital transformation

The health crisis has significantly accelerated the digitization of the health sector. “The entire health cycle has been changing at a very fast speed. The patient is taking an increasingly important place and new players are incorporating this ecosystem into a complete digital revolution, while those already in place have to adapt to new uses. Explains Vincent Montet, Founder and Director of EFAP’s Specialized MBA in Digital Marketing and Business (DMB), and Vice President of the Association for Digital Economy (ACSEL).

The patient is at the heart of new digital communication strategies

The sector must respond to three challenges: the growing importance of data, the disruption with the emergence of technology players, and a patient-centric approach.

Data in the service of health

New technologies have become a sponsorship business, and are no longer just tools to promote. Controlling health data is now a huge challenge for tech companies.

The traditional players were created from a working model designed around the molecule. Big tech companies like BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and Xiaomi) focus on data. They are based on existing data, collected from Of the things connected, and those in the hospital thanks to the patient’s journey. This data becomes an essential component of predictive health, care, and the stage of recovery. It’s all this data-centric sector, which has to be captured, sorted, forecast and arranged within a written and legal framework. Vincent Montet analyzes.

health disorder

From the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, without losing sight of robotics or even 3D printing, e-health is at the forefront of innovation, making it a particularly attractive sector for marketing and communications professionals.

The challenge is not to master all of these technologies, but to fully understand how the entire ecosystem works, how new economic models are emerging, and how health is currently powering its digital revolution. »

the approach Patient

by concept Empowering the patient, the patient takes power and becomes a full player in health. So it is a matter of taking an approach Patient When developing new products and services, in order to take into account these new uses. ” The patient’s journey must be complete, whether he is cared for at home, in a clinic, or by an independent nurse, while he is surrounded by his relatives or associations, which also play an important role, especially in the case of serious illnesses.. »

This patient-centered approach is part of the “My Health 2022” collective commitment, which led to the Senate’s adoption of the bill on the regulation and transformation of the health system, on July 16, 2019. Among the key points in this reform is “ Make digital assets an asset for sharing health information and changing practices paving the way for the digitization of the sector.

Training to enhance skills in the e-health sector

To achieve success in your career project in the health sector, certain skills become essential. EFAP’s Director of Specialized MBAs in DMB Health shares the five core skills essential to mastering practice in eHealth:

  • understanding of new economic models,
  • use and collection of data for personal and preventive health,
  • digital project management in healthcare,
  • Knowing and anticipating the evolution of the legal and policy framework (GDPR, ethics, etc.),
  • Develop strategies centered around the patient’s journey.

Support web professionals with their digital projects

The training offered by EFAP, in partnership with the Hub Institute, provides all the skills needed to practice eHealth. Objective: To support digital marketing and communications professionals in their digital health-related projects, to understand the digital transformation of players and its impacts, and to be able to develop new innovative strategies centered around an idea Empowering the patient.

The training offered by the New Communication Professions School is for all experts wishing to specialize in the world of health, with a project to launch an activity or move on to other careers in the industry, whether in laboratories, clinics, EHPADs, healthcare structures, or even start-ups. It is open to holders of Bac + 4/5 with a professional project in e-health, as well as to young graduates under a professional contract in the sector.

Learn how to unlearn learning and stay open to this digital transformation

Lionel Richart, Vice President of the Education Board, Deputy Director of MBA DMB Health Professional and Founder of Pharmageek advises learners to remain curious and open to this digital transformation. ” It is above all a cultural evolution, involving learning how to unlearn and integrate new ways of working in a changing world. That’s what we’re trying to instill with this MBA: to pass on to participants all the keys to this digital revolution in health. The next amazing start for the MBA Specializing in Digital Marketing and Business Health at EFAP is scheduled for March 2022.

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