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emlyon business school is launching a new course in growth hacking, which allows you to acquire all the skills and methods needed to learn how to achieve growth within the company or develop your business. It is aimed at both operational files and supervisors. Thus, professionals in marketing or commerce will be able to develop their skills, and learn to use new techniques and tools, in order to integrate this new performance-related work culture.

For managers, the software will allow them to better define profiles of growth hackers or marketers to recruit within their teams. ” Do I create a growth team? Am I putting a growth hacker at the service of my company in sales, marketing and technology… You have to understand these new occupations to know who to hire and where to hire them, it’s also a management issue. Sebastian Eleon, Education Director of Training and Performance Marketing for 15 years explains.

A culture of experimentation in the service of growth

In the face of the digital explosion and digital transformation of companies, growth has become the focus of all concerns. While profitability was previously a leading indicator, companies are now highlighting their turnover and the speed with which they have been able to grow in their markets. This paradigm shift, brought about by startup culture, is leading companies to put data at the center of their decisions. ” It allows them to gain competence, giving more meaning and independence to teams, who are more motivated and efficient in their projects. »

If the term has been overused in recent years, growth hacking is defined as “ The practice of adopting different tactics and techniques with the aim of improving performance ratios, to accelerate the company’s growth rapidly and significantly Above all, it represents a state of mind, close to fast marketing, with the incorporation of a culture of experimentation. A growth hacker will allow in particular to enrich potential customers so that salespeople can perform better, but also to automate their processes in order to ease certain tasks so that they can From a focus on more qualitative tasks Growth hacker and growth maker jobs are among the most sought-after jobs by marketing recruiters, according to a “Future of Jobs Report” study published by the World Economic Forum in 2020.

Diverse missions and a role at the crossroads of digital careers

To regulate the development of their growth, companies can count on a growth hacker or growth marketer, who in the long run will prove a set of methods and tools to enable them to better achieve their goals. ” A growth hacker is often a single person responsible for this practice in the company. A growth marketer is a manager whose role is to oversee growth hackers and create a structured organization. It can create a business unit dedicated to growth (growth team) or integrate profiles within marketing or sales teams. A rich profession with multiple facets and skills, the growth hacker exploits psychological marketing, analyzing and measuring data. He must also be able to use technical analysis and network analysis tools to collaborate with the various strategic departments of the company.

Unlike digital marketing professionals, who post a reflection of the company’s mission and development to attract new customers, the tasks of a growth hacker span a broader spectrum. ” It will work on the customer lifecycle. He will look for prospects and support teams to convert, work on loyalty, and create flexibility on products… He has a much greater overview of the scope associated with digital marketing. To do this, growth hackers work by experimentation, with quick sprints of 2 to 4 weeks, a period during which they test and measure their actions. ” At the end of each race, they will analyze what happened and understand what went wrong. After that, they will continue on a new two-week cycle, either to continue improving their experiences, or by moving on to another project related to the customers’ purchasing cycle. »

Training to become a growth hacker or a growth marketer

To practice this discipline at the crossroads of marketing, commerce and technology, it is essential to know how to make good use of data, they are the central focus around this profession. ” It is necessary to master web analytics tools such as Google Analytics, to be able to implement solutions such as Google Tag Manager to facilitate integration of other tools, to scrape data with programs such as PhantomBuster, or to automate certain tasks that allow increased productivity, with Zapier for example. Among other required qualities, a growth hacker or growth marketer must also be able to understand the needs of his end customers or those from internal departments, discuss them with them and provide them with tangible solutions to solve performance related issues.

The short training offered 100% online by emlyon business school teaches you how to use growth hacking tools and techniques, through group or individual conferences and workshops. Next session: From November 3 to December 8, 2021 (12 hours spread over 6 weeks).

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