The Journey of a Serial Web Entrepreneur

Computer engineer Gard Rémi Szarzynski and his wife Julie are the architects of success: an ultra-comfortable travel pillow. Tell them, who met them… On a trip to Tahiti, he tells you about their entrepreneurial spirit.

At Tahiti Va airport in mid-June, 36-year-old Remy Szarzynski, even on vacation, feels transported when he sees his creation, a travel pillow, around the necks of backpackers : “Madam, hello! May I know what you think of my travel pillow; I’m the designer!”Hungry for feedback and opinions on his product, the young man delivers an infectious delight. An irresistible smile.

Travel pillow: several dozen sold per day

Udream travel pillow. Photo: Oliver Schlama

He’s really the founder of Travel Earth that sells something, the baptized Udream, Which has the peculiarity of being, in general, one of the most comfortable travel pillows on the market. “Currently we sell dozens of them per day out of covid and several tens of thousands of units have been sold since 2016, ranked among the best sellers on Amazon France with over 1,000 positive comments, something that many know so few people traditionally leave a review…”, Says Remy, who designed it with his wife Julie, 32. The couple is split between Valencia in Spain, where their company is located, and France. “Biggest year, in 2017, excluding coronavirus, we made €700,000 in sales.”

Our pillow is definitely made in China. But we designed it ourselves in 2015. It is not revolutionary but combines many qualities that users demand

How do ? “We looked at all the opinions of netizens about this type of product and tried to answer them. Enough to avoid traditional torticollis or even to really recover. This supplement mocks many commercial sites that have been in the landscape for a long time, but Rémi Szarzynski knows how to make it more visible, and in terms of the audience, the positive reviews of buyers do the rest. “Our pillow is definitely made in China. But we designed and developed it in 2015. Sold exclusively on Amazon, it’s not revolutionary but it is. Our qualities combine many qualities that users demand.”

Experimental method: “We have taken all user reviews. So we suggested this ultra-soft pocket pillow—for a plane ticket, for example—with a flap and a carabiner to hang on the outside of your bag; It is presented in colorful colours. And above all, with great comfort: our pillow is memory foam with a good density. The shape is very comfortable. ” The final product was proposed at the end of 2015. Since then it has been proposed “Fairly well-equipped even if we have to clear the arc of the health crisis with travel halts on several occasions.”

Double diploma in the USA and Montpellier

PhD Oliver Schlama

recovery. A humble childhood in the village of Gard, Lee Mages. A housewife mother and a severely unemployed father after he was a technical agent for Alsthom, before becoming an electrician on his own. Older brother and sister: Young Remy Szczynski has this situation and wants to succeed. what he does. He succeeded in his studies first by obtaining a double degree in computer science, in San Francisco and Montpellier. By the way, his English is perfect. And it’s not bad for international business and commerce. In the process, he created a computer services startup for individuals and professionals in Marrakech.

The emergence of companies on the Internet

Transformation? In 2011. It remained his first startup company. “I found myself having to make a phone call, calling people to sell our services…. It was horrible especially when you had no training to work for.” He knows RSA. One topic is clear to him: the emergence of businesses on the Internet. What matters to an entrepreneur is that Internet users visit his site. Firm faith in the flesh, Rémi Szarzynski had the idea to make it his job: “Then I started majoring in search engine optimization, which is known in jargon as search engine optimization.” A big challenge for email marketing.

Google was already doing, at the time, rain and east…”Within a few years, I gained the knowledge to improve the visibility of client companies. But we realized that even when the site was more straightforward, its products sometimes didn’t sell well; Either due to a conversion rate issue; Either the site is not highlighted enough; Or because the product was too expensive, etc.” worst, “Some no longer unjustly want to pay us.”

Up to 30 locations, sports, home, travel…

Gardois Rémi Szarzynski and his wife Julie have designed a success story: the ultra-comfortable Udream travel pillow. Photo: Oliver Schlama

At the end of the new disappointment, Rémi Szarzynski created a new business by launching into an e-marketing, affiliation style: a partnership between a traffic provider (the display sites that Rémi Szarzynski was about to create) and a global business site, Amazon. Commission paid by the American giant. The products for sale are selected from among the best-selling products.

“I started offering baby care supplies, strollers etc. a box; I’ve created up to 30 locations, sports, home, travel…” Flexibility pays off. His chest, UPME, was “A real little empire!” Travel accessories are the most profitable (10%), I’ve created several travel related sites and “compare” bags and accessories.

Pencil case with little feet, waterproof fabric…

After the travel pillow, Rémi Szarzynski and his wife managed to create a travel kit that, according to the same principle, launched in 2020. With details that kill this very functional and practical kit: there are not many pockets, But a waterproof fabric is enough and they are equipped with small feet that raise them by one centimeter – and they will not narrow with water at the edge of the sink -; its clouds “High quality” ; You can add a lock to the main lock…

The set is also ingeniously fitted with a small spacer to avoid the same random sharing of bed, the famous “divorce zone” claimed by both occupants… The Ales couple also sell stickers or travel masks. Mosquito net too, ‘bath bridge’ to read, leave your laptop or have a drink!

From our special correspondent in Tahiti, Oliver Schlama

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