PPA DIGITAL: A New School and Exceptional Teaching Methods in Blended Learning

by Student FabPosted on January 25, 2022

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PPA DIGITAL, a school dedicated to digital marketing, enters higher education in order to meet the challenges of corporate digital transformation. Building on work-study and blended pedagogy, this structure actually ensures student success.

I dreamed of it, it exists! PPA DIGITAL, an online digital marketing school and rotating BA to Bac +5, will welcome its first promotion from September 2022. A wise and predictable choice, at a time when digital is ubiquitous in marketing and communications. Indeed, today it is impossible for companies not to take the digital transformation and digital presence. Everyone is looking for profiles who are able to master custom tools and develop a strategy in line with their brand image and new consumer habits.

Within PPA DIGITAL, which offers three courses – a bachelor’s course, a master’s course and an MBA course – students are trained in digital marketing, the world of management, technology, design and marketing careers. All of them require in-depth technical knowledge, which in pedagogy blended learning, Powered by PPA DIGITAL and one of a kind, lets you have it.

PPA DIGITAL: With Blended Pedagogy, enhance your independence and be a nomad!

PPA Digital builds its pedagogy on the principle blended learning, Which can be translated as “blended learning”. In other words, within PPA DIGITAL, teaching is based one-learning: Wherever you benefit from the content of distance learning courses. Whether you don’t live in Paris or find a work study job away from the capital, freedom is yours. The freedom that PPA DIGITAL is strongly associated with, because it is synonymous with independence and complete coherence with the mechanics of digital.

Of course, PPA DIGITAL does not stop there and provides the necessary practice of theory: six weeks a year, students participate in face-to-face seminars in which the main topics studied in class are re-examined from a new angle. This time, we work in groups, discuss with professionals in the sector and implement projects that build experience and allow you to apply your knowledge. A way to professionalize oneself makes an excellent paper.

Work and study training is the cornerstone of success in the digital sector

So PPA DIGITAL follows suit. Since the first year of an undergraduate degree, students are supported in the search for a work-study program: How do you write a cover letter? How do you check the difference in maintenance? The human aspect is also essential, because the PPA DIGITAL teaching team inquires about the wishes of the students so that everyone can have the work-study program of their choice, in line with their professional project.

The rotation rhythm is four days in the company a week, the remaining day is allocated to training sessions in e-learning. During the four days in complete immersion, theory is expressed on the ground, for reinforcement learning. Students develop their skills, build their network, and discover the truth about the digital transformation that companies have started. Their CV is enriched and allows them to stand out during their job search, an important step facilitated by the advice and valuable contacts of PPA DIGITAL.

Your digital career is waiting for you!

After three years of Bachelor’s, and rewarded with state-recognized titles Level 5 and Level 6, students will be able to pursue positions of Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Digital Content Manager, Traffic Manager, Web Marketing Manager, and Digital. Telecom or mobile marketer. Those who wish to continue their studies by integrating the Master in Digital Marketing. It also includes pedagogy in blended learning, These courses will direct students towards positions of responsibility. They will become true digital players thanks to the richness and dynamics of education offered by PPA DIGITAL, a new school we have not finished hearing about.

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