Mon Chasseur Immo raises €10 million for acceleration

Ten years after its creation (initially under the name Net Acheteur), Mon Chasseur Immo in Montpellier has completed a €10 million funding round to accelerate the roll-out of its services and platform throughout France, and later in Europe.

Frédéric Bourelly, founder and CEO of Mon Chasseur Immo, seeks to revolutionize the real estate market by placing the real estate agent on the buyer’s side, when, with traditional real estate agents, the customer is the seller. According to Montpellier proptech, ” in France, 70% of sellers are accompanied by a real estate agent to sell their property, while less than 1% of buyers And in the United States, 80% of buyers already benefit from the services of a buyer’s agent. Either an important stadium for the occupation.

“The buyer is the most neglectful of traditional real estate services, Frederic Borrelli thinks. So we imagined a real estate buyer offer and developed a business model for the phygital platform that makes the property search efficient, attractive and scalable. »

800 deals in 2021

Therefore Mon Chasseur Immo offers expert real estate hunters from its network (130 real estate agents operating in five regional offices: Montpellier, Paris, Nantes, Lyon and Marseille) using a dedicated digital platform accessible on the Buyer and Hunter mobile application. To help them qualify properties, this fisherman-owned technology platform gives access to a range of advertisements, a simulation of the number of properties available as per the criteria, and a scoring tool.

Thus Mon Chasseur Immo promises the buyer to save time on his search, dividing by ten the time spent by the buyer, and by two by the number of visits to the property, i.e. an average of two and a half months between signing the buyer’s authorization and an accepted offer, as opposed to five and a half months on a network of agencies traditional.

In 2021, the company executed 800 real estate deals and its manager plans to multiply this performance by ten within five years.

Hence the third fundraising of €10 million from IXO Private Equity and Galia Gestion as well as its historic shareholders IRDI Capital Investissement, Sofilaro and several business owners who renewed their commitment. Mon Chasseur Immo will give you the means to speed up.

Go from 30 to 100 employees in five years

We want to open new offices in France and in neighboring European countries, even if there is still a lot to do in France first.Frederic Borelli announced. We will also grow the agent network to reach 1,000 by 2026 and thus reach 10,000 annual transactions. »

Also on the program, a marketing plan and optimization of the digital platform, in particular through applications based on artificial intelligence.

We are now ready for explosive growth in a large market, Frederic Borrelli says: But we need to professionalize ourselves, especially in marketing, because services for buyers are still very underdeveloped and still unknown. We will hire about fifteen people by the end of the year, mainly in IT development, animation teams and support functions, aiming to grow to 100 employees within five years (For today’s 30, editor’s note). »

Julian St. Catherine, of IRDI Capital Investissement, and Manuel Potier, of Sofilaro, say they are convinced of the potential of Mon Chasseur Immo: “Sell-side” transaction services are already very competitive and innovation is now being applied in “buy-side” services, which have been used very little so far. Mon Chasseur Immo was the first to position itself in these services for buyers with a phygital model that has proven itself and is now ready for expansion “.