Luxury Marketing: It’s All About Professions

The professions of marketing and luxury goods trading are key links in this sector. With the goals of developing a luxury brand image, encouraging purchase or building customer loyalty, these professions offer many prospects.

What is luxury marketing?

strengthened its international influence and position as a leader in the global market, and Welfare à la française that makes you dream. makeupAnd gastronomyAnd fashionAnd the hotelThere are many sectors of activity that result from it. : blessing for students.

The luxury marketing Uses traditional marketing codes by specializing in high-end products with their own codes (rarity, quality, beauty, refinement and value) with the special aim of increasing the number of sales and management social networks and theGaining web traffic Or think about it boutique trade or website.

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E-commerce: the future of luxury?

Assuming that digital tools do not correspond to rarity values ​​andPersonal customer experiencee, the sluxuries sector He has always been wary about digitizing it.

The Welfare However it started digital transformation To meet new challenges economicAnd social And technology. Store closures due to the health crisis have accelerated this shift from luxuries sector In the era Digital. A winning bet, as total luxury sales increased from 12% to 23% during 2020.

How do you combine luxury?

To respond to symbols from WelfareIt is expected to require skills and qualifications.

It is not enough to be excitedAnd NosyAnd strict And she has a mind Technical And creative. You must also show a file community spirit advanced, from adaptive force and big Analytical skills And of synthesis.

You will be the guarantor ofBrand image And you should be able to send files Passion for luxury to customers. Given the global reach of this sector, proficiency in English and even other foreign languages ​​(Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc.) is an undeniable asset. It is also important to develop managerial skills in order to gain responsibility and develop within teams. In the face of technological challenges, it is also necessary to master the computer and digital tools.

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Studies to work in luxury marketing

Courses to work in luxury marketing It varies according to the specialization required. This selection will determine the duration of the training: 2 years for BTS, 3 years for a license, and 5 to 6 years for Masters.

It is possible to undertake post-baccalaureate studies at university or at a school specializing in commerce, marketing, management, luxury, fashion, hotels, restaurants, etc. BTS Welfare; Designed by BTS by fashion And TextileAnd Environment; Professional Marketing License Welfare ; Unmarried the hotel; Masters in Management Welfare … There are many possibilities available to you.

You will learn the basics Digital The marketing And tradeyou will develop your culture Welfare And your level in foreign languages. The more you advance in your studies, the higher the expectations.

These courses are mostly offered professional trainingAllowing you to gain experience in this field.

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Jobs in luxury goods marketing and trading

After you study in tradeAnd luxury marketing you will have the opportunity to practice Job Of your choice. Here are some examples.

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The visual goods r andelectronic goodsr has the same goal: to improve the visual image and position of a . products store Welfare Be it physical or online.

The shop manager from Welfare Manage product sales area high end . Decision making Management and the customers satisfaction are its main tasks.

L ‘buyer It is primarily responsible for determining luxury products With capabilities and negotiate with suppliers. This profession is generally found in Fashion sectorsor some makeup.

The Email Marketing ManagerDefine the strategy commercialAnd marketingresponds to luxury codes. Then he implements them and ensures that they are applied correctly.

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