Learn Marketing Automation: The Complete Interactive Guide

Do you want to develop your skills in marketing automation? Experience HubSpot’s interactive experience.

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HubSpot guides you in 5 steps through the world of marketing automation.

Marketing automation at the service of the customer experience

As a business grows, it can sometimes be difficult to maintain an outstanding customer experience. New teams arise, each adopting different tools and implementing their strategy according to their own vision of the customer experience. But these systems in silos, managed in a heterogeneous way, can also be sources of friction.

Relying on quality automation is an opportunity to synchronize your teams by aligning them around a single information center, and by offering a common and cohesive vision to the customer.

HubSpot reveals its interactive guide to marketing automation. You will discover how to automate processes in your company and achieve better team coordination. The ultimate goal: to create a unique customer experience.

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5-step interactive guide

HubSpot shares an interactive guide that takes you step-by-step. Concept: You will receive the first email with the first available content. Once you watch this first content, you will receive other content. In total: You will receive 5 emails with 5 different contents for a comprehensive training.

During this interactive experience, you will also discover how HubSpot’s automation features work in practice: workflow, chatbot, automated email, advanced personalization, etc.

The interactive guide consists of 5 steps:

  1. Introduction to Marketing Automation: A video of specific characters and situations that we can encounter at work.
  2. Automation for growth: A comprehensive guide to solving the 5 most important business problems. You will learn more about email automation, conversational marketing, and the workflow to implement.
  3. Marketing Automation Checklist: The complete list of actions needed to implement an effective marketing automation strategy.
  4. 10 must-have workflows for marketing and sales: A webinar from HubSpot experts where you will learn how to set up a series of automated actions that are triggered based on user behavior or contact information.
  5. Final content: In the last email you will receive the latest content also related to marketing automation (thriller, etc).

Do you want to implement automated actions to improve your company’s operations? Take the HubSpot interactive experience to get all the basics on marketing automation.

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