Learn all about digital marketing

Today it is impossible for a company to do without digital communication. As more and more consumers go online for their purchases, e-marketing is on the rise. turn ? Set up various marketing actions on all digital media (web, social networks, blogs, etc.) in order to contribute to the company’s online reputation, establish a relationship with its customers and build loyalty. Business is booming.

A key player for companies

To attract customers, sell better and be visible, a company must manage its online advertising and brand image. Digital marketers are there to help them do this on all the digital media out there, from Google search to blogging, email and of course social media.

Thus, e-marketing makes it possible to create a real community around the brand, to build customer loyalty and grow its bad reputation. So it is an essential investment, especially when you are a small or small business.


Digital marketers have several tasks to achieve their goals. They must first be able to create high-quality content thanks to a well-studied website that matches the brand’s image. Articles, photos, infographics, social networks … all good to make yourself known. To make the user experience as pleasant as possible, it is also necessary to work in cooperation with the developers. It is then necessary to ensure that you are clearly visible on search engines, by making sure that the company’s website is correctly indicated.

E-marketing is also responsible for managing online advertising campaigns, by designing attractive and well-targeted ads. Finally, pamper your customers and the company community by encouraging them to sign up for newsletters, gain followers on social networks, or even keep up with brand news.

Digital Marketing Training

Who says marketing, digital or not, says business studies. Many diplomas issued in the baccalaureate 5+ via Internet, Internet Marketing and E-Commerce directed to Masters as well as business schools or specialized schools make it possible to acquire the knowledge and skills required for this profession.

To complete your course or embark on a retraining adventure, many other solutions are available to you. First of all, there are paid short courses, offered by specialists over a few days, and other free courses that you can easily find on the Internet. Several online courses (MOOCs) are also available for more motivated people and generally gather a large number of candidates. Webinars are also popular for learning online marketing techniques.

Finally, YouTube is a surprisingly rich support when it comes to e-marketing since the platform lists thousands of explainer videos, more or less more or less detailed, notably the American video Simon Sinek or Brian Dean, one of the best SEO The most famous in the world. Globalism.

Make the right choice

Training on your own and quickly in digital marketing is affordable, but you still need to know how to choose high-quality media. Thus, among the interesting webinars, we can mention Webikeo.fr, which offers 10,000 online conferences every year on topics such as e-commerce, marketing or customer relations. It’s free, all you have to do is register for a webinar of your choice.

E-commerce-nation.fr and Frenchweb.fr are still part of the sites that will accompany you throughout your training. To help you choose well, know that a Google Ads certification, a credential granted by Google, is generally a guarantee of quality.

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