Influent Advisor, digital marketing training for real estate advisors

Influent Advisor offers highly comprehensive digital marketing training for real estate advisors. The promise of an effective digital prospecting strategy that generates more exposure, more leads and sales.

For real estate professionals and especially consultants, new digital challenges are now hard to miss. As real estate agent Cedric Laporte explains in a video, consumption patterns are changing; Classical exploration in this area has less and less influence and this is in a more significant way since the limitations. Door-to-door sales and flyers are giving way to digital prospecting, which is a major new challenge that real estate consultants need to be trained in.

This is exactly why Influent Advisor, co-founded in March 2020 by Cedric Laporte and Clément Réau, who specializes in digital real estate marketing. Influential Advisor offers a hybrid digital marketing training offer specifically applied to the stone sector, and a follow-up service to ensure that professionals are supported and progressed. The promise of this training: increase their visibility, create more prospects, maintain regular engagement with them on the web and eventually convert them into customers.

The real Bescherelle digital real estate marketing company, with a private club and personal follow-up

To train consultants in digital real estate marketing, Clément Réau and Cédric Laporte have created what they call a private club: a dedicated membership space for professional members, giving them access – for life – to a highly comprehensive course divided into nine modules., presenting a detailed action plan to develop their strategy digital. ” This media is a bit like Bescherelle digital real estate marketing » Mr. Ryū . introduces.Nous abordons aussi bien les thématiques débutantes que plus avancées, comme les fondations du marketing digital dont les organique (gratuite) et publicitaire (payante), la création de contenus, les publicités Facebook et Google Ads, la straté la SEOé ou core en Website “.

In addition to these regularly developed and updated modules, the training also consists of more than fifty hours of videos and a lot of content that can be used freely by consultants: post forms for social networks, visuals, video formats and emails for ordering potential clients. ” All this ready-made content that we have prepared allows professionals to save time in implementing their strategy. We take them by explaining how to use this material, how to speak and position themselves online, distribute their content and perform on social networks. Clement Rio says:

For the founding partners, it was also necessary to complete this training offer with a real support service: “ After training without being able to ask questions and get help if you have obstructions, this generates frustration and frustration and you lose the benefits of what you learn. That’s why we have implemented a 24/7 support service for private club members. Customers love this support: we answer them in less than 24 hours, and we often answer them directly via video conference. Develops Mr. Réau. For him, this is a guarantee of success for professionals who can even talk to each other through a Facebook group created especially for them. This private club brings together the largest French speaking community of consultants trained in digital real estate marketing. Great achievement for the Influential Advisor team!

So what about tangible results?

Significant results in terms of visibility and sales

Currently and after a year in existence, Influential Advisor is pleased to have more than 550 advisors for clients” Who can attest to the great added value of our training Mr. Ryo confirms. Based on the feedback observed, show that customers feel important results in different ways.

First of all, consultants who began to regularly post videos and who, for example, include a link to their Youtube channel in messages sent to potential clients, were unanimous: they note that they consult videos almost systematically and often arrive with greater confidence and smile at meetings. It is an excellent starting point for facilitating grade requests and returning states “.

Even more impressively, the notoriety of some advisors has exploded. ” It is funny to see the success of some professionals on social networks that they have almost become the digital mayors of their sector and a reference in their municipality. What I have in mind in particular is the story of a counselor who is asked to ensure communication in her city » Clement Rio says: With digital marketing, some consultants are rediscovering their profession and becoming deeply impacted. This insight has an inevitable impact in terms of results ». In fact, the third (and most anticipated) effect is the observed increase in the number of target predictions. ” Some pros doubled their earnings by five, and for those who took the most action, they were able to sign up for 19 sales thanks to us in less than a year.Says the co-founder of Influential Advisor.

In conclusion, he remembers that if training in digital real estate marketing requires real business initially, the “snowball” effect of the strategies put in place gives professionals a glimpse into exponential growth. Want a preview? Several videos are available on the Influent Advisor Youtube channel and free master classes are also available online.

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