Essential digital skills to improve employability in healthcare

Like many sectors, digital innovations are shaking health. The latter is revolutionizing the field of personalized care, the relationship between physicians and patients, the communication between teams and the services provided by professionals. On Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 12:30 pm, the EFAP MBA in Digital Marketing and Business Health will organize a webinar to address the digital transformation of the health sector. Speakers will explain the new role of marketing and communication in this change.

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The importance of marketing and communication in healthcare

Although the digitization of the health sector is not new, the health crisis has greatly accelerated the process. This complex period highlighted the importance of digital solutions and tools for the appropriate development of the sector. Thanks to digital therapies, chatbots and data, the entire health ecosystem is changing.

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Now, new startups and tech giants are positioning themselves as leaders in the field of e-health. Their goals are to meet the current needs of the medical community. Among them, facilitating access to information, improving patient care and improving internal and external processes. At the same time, institutions, both nationally and internationally, are seeking to develop strategies for changing health systems.

To do this, they turn to innovative tools and profiles that deal with digital business, including marketing and communications. So acquiring skills in these two disciplines becomes essential to get a place in health. Companies are looking for employees who can understand the challenges of a “patient-centered” approach, a new health system, or even digital management. During the EFAP and Hub Institute training presentation, speakers will return to the skills needed for a successful professional project in the field.

Four main points will be discussed during the webinar on Thursday, April 28:

  • What are the trends in digital transformation after Covid? ;
  • That trade and communications in these sectors? ;
  • Is the digital health ecosystem an enabling environment? ;
  • Besides “business” skills, what soft skills are necessary?

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Understand how to enhance your employability in this sector

To answer these questions and those you may have, several experts will participate in this roundtable:

Vincent Montet, Founder and Director of the DMBA and Vice President of the Association for Digital Economy (ACSEL);
Lionel Richart, Consultant, Speaker and Influencer at PHARMAGEEK, Der. Vice MBA DMB #HEALTH;
Chanvi Molida, Chief Digital Services Officer – Army Health Service.

The three speakers will introduce you to the role of marketing and communication in digitizing health. This is a real opportunity to learn about the elements required to become a player in the transformation of the sector. You can also learn more about the MBA Digital Marketing & Business Health – Health Industry program which provides the necessary knowledge. For lots of tips to boost your employability, don’t forget to sign up for this webinar.

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