Email Marketing Challenges and Behavioral Targeting

Jean-Michel Aubert, Associate Director of Leads Vantage discusses the reasons for success in email marketing and behavioral targeting

Jean-Michel Aubert, Associate Director of Leads Vantage

The marketing world is heavily influenced by aspects of e-marketing and behavioral targeting. The recent successes of companies like Criteo or Tedemis show that it has become imperative for marketers to access cutting-edge solutions that allow them to implement Personal digital campaigns And taking care of their customers by providing them with appropriate services or products.

To access such a device, there are various tools. Behavioral targeting is one of them. It has become the main concern of advertisers and marketing departments.

Behavioral targeting is an advertising technique that consists in personalizing promotional content, based on the behavior of Internet users and the identification of their centers of interest. Thus, an Internet user who regularly consults golf websites will be shown advertisements related to his passion. The advantage of the advertiser is that he will be able to accurately distribute his ads to interested Internet users, no matter what location they are in.

Unlike untargeted email campaigns, behavioral targeting thus allows advertisers to win over customers and prospects by showing them to them. Products tailored to their interests. This type of relationship is highly demanded by brands that want to stand out from the competition by using huge ways that consumers reject.

It is time to implement new generation systems that are specifically designed so that the customer is at the center of advertisers’ attention. To successfully create such a system, preparatory work is necessary. This requires support in order to formalize the method of treatment to be adopted.

Therefore personalization, email marketing, and behavioral targeting are essential actions to implement in order to implement a digital strategy for brand acquisition and loyalty. These concepts make it possible to attract beneficiaries by giving them a real added value that allows them not to be harassed by inappropriate advertisements and to be rejected en masse. The advertiser’s brand image will be improved and the customer is happy to be able to come up with products that fit his aspirations.

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