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Download the Retraining Guide to kickstart your career in digital careers! © BDME

Digital, a sector that adapts to traits undergoing retraining

Digital Marketing Manager, Cyber ​​Security Expert, Community Manager, UX Designer, SEO, Digital Project Manager … The digital sector offers a variety of professions and provides many opportunities to practice them. The salaries are attractive with attractive career prospects, especially if you want to take on more responsibility.

The web is also a field that has the advantage of being open to atypical career paths from different backgrounds. Based on the strength of their past experience, these retraining profiles have many advantages for companies by providing great human wealth thanks to their dual culture.

Tips on how to find the digital career that suits you

To practice these passion professions and in constant development, technical skills will be required of you. In order to guide you to the profession that suits you, we have designed a guide to retrain digital professions. You can download it for free, no personal data is required.

Inventory, professions and schools for digital transformation

In our conversion guide, we provide:

  • A complete overview of the sector: The jigsaw of digital professions, the salaries of different specialties, the advantages of launching a retraining project, the skills that will allow you to make a difference …
  • Focus on symbolic disciplines of the web: Digital marketing, cybersecurity careers, acquisitions or specializations offered by IT development,
  • Presentation of the best digital schools: To help you choose from the courses offered and find the retraining course that meets all your expectations.

A guide designed with digital schools

To bring you this retraining guide for digital careers, we have partnered with 6 recognized web schools: L’École Multimedia, EFAP, ORSYS, Demos, O’clock and ISIKA. Many thanks to the principals, speakers, partners, coaches, alumni and students for their input!

We hope our guide will answer all your questions to improve your retraining project and usher you into a new career in the digital professions. Download it for free!

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