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Yes, another job offer where the company will try to convince you to apply. We’re not the only ones, but I can tell you it’s worth stopping by to at least read this job posting. In the end, you decide!

We’re looking for someone who enjoys organizing (more than being organized!). For this role you should really like when things move fast, you have to juggle a lot of different projects and run left and right to help your colleagues. You will have a critical role in assisting our Relationship Managers and Digital Project Managers. If you have had experience with an agency or an event, we definitely want to meet you!

This is a role in which you can develop or even be able to advance to the position of Digital Project Manager or even, perhaps, Customer Relationship Manager.

Ah, and I’ll put a few details here that might make you want to read on further: We work 100% remotely with the ability to only go to the office if you want to (we’re not the kind of back-to-office company) and you can even work remotely from Anywhere (even outside of Canada). So yes, going surfing in Portugal in the morning and working in the afternoon with your Montreal team is possible!

Main responsibilities

  • Support the Digital Project Manager or CRM in daily communication tasks and in the organization of projects;
  • Rigorously and proactively manage and coordinate digital marketing outputs;
  • planning and documenting internal meetings;
  • Document the project management system in accordance with established policies;
  • Monitor project budgets;
  • Communicate needs and issues with project managers, clients and specialists to enhance achievement of objectives and compliance with deadlines and budgets;
  • Collaborate with clients and the internal team to ensure all players are informed;
  • Contribute to the advancement of internal procedures.

required skills

  • 1 to 3 years of experience in a similar role in an agency or other area of ​​marketing or events.
  • Basic experience with Google Ads tools and Google Analytics.
  • Knowledge of Google Group (Drive, Google Docs, Google Presentation, Google Sheets).
  • Experience with project management and organization tools (Paymo, Asana, Harvest, Monday, etc.).
  • Great organizational ability
  • Basic knowledge of digital marketing is an asset.
  • French-English bilingual advantage in speaking, essential in writing.
  • Completed a bachelor’s degree related to marketing and/or communications or any other combination of relevant education and experience.
  • Feeling of important details.
  • Take initiative, independence and resourcefulness: the ability to work effectively in a situation of uncertainty and a limited number of directions, to plan tasks according to a goal to be achieved, to search for the necessary information himself; In short, the d system is very sophisticated.

Here’s why Code Marketing is your dream agency:

  • Work 35 hours a week, sometimes 40 hours when you want to lend an extra hand, and you’ll get paid 100% of your hours.
  • After you’ve paid for casual time with your classmates (you won’t go a day without meeting your classmates at least a little bit!).
  • A week of 4 and a half days: We finish at noon on Friday!
  • Really flexible schedule: Do you have a dentist appointment, your child is sick or just want to take an afternoon nap after a big lunch? You manage it however you want!
  • Continuing Training: Do you want to develop your skills and want to follow a training course? We encourage you to share it with us so we can accompany you in the process.
  • A dynamic team with the best sense of humor in town (is there really anywhere other than Code Marketing where people show up at a virtual happy hour with a mud mask on their face, because it was a spa theme?).
  • 5 to 7 remotely and soon face to face too!
  • If you plan to travel abroad for a few months, no debt, you can simply work remotely as long as there is wifi!
  • Right to disconnect policy: No one will disturb you in any way outside working hours or during your vacation.
  • During the holidays (between Christmas and New Years), the company is closed so everyone is on vacation!
  • Offer a generous allowance to develop a teleworking office.
  • A monthly allowance for high-speed internet.
  • After one year of service, you will be eligible for the Company’s Profit Sharing Program.

Conditions :

  • Salary offered according to candidate experience between $22.00 per hour and $30.00 per hour (between $40K and $55,000 annually)
  • 100% remote work, possibility to go to the office if desired. Full time job, today, Monday to Friday noon.
  • Regular weeks range from 35-40 hours per week (all hours are paid!) with a flexible schedule (you are entitled to walk in the sun during the day without counting the minutes).
  • Overtime work in excess of 40 hours is paid or accrued as time off (time and a half, so x 1.5) depending on the person’s preference.
  • Group insurance program after 3 months in the office.
  • Telemedicine service is provided after 3 months.
  • Comprehensive employee assistance program.
  • In the office: car parking including gym and swimming pool access and the possibility of renting meeting rooms for meetings.
  • 5 Sick/Personal Days You Should Take It When You Need It.
  • 3 weeks of summer vacation.
  • Start as soon as possible.

Contact us via the form with your resume, cover letter, and availability for the interview in the week after you submit your documents.

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