Clarksen confirmed a very positive recovery

The Klarsen Group, in Bordeaux (formerly Actiplay), specializing in digital marketing, mainly for online games, announced that it has just sold its first domain of 166 names it owns on the Internet, for $ 55,000 (47,216 euros). . Purdue determines that this process was a first test and that its domain names are also available for rent.

Digital Marketing: Actiplay Group in Bordeaux turns into Clarksen data

Founded by Julien Parrou-Duboscq under the name Concoursmania, the group does not specify the name of the domain being sold but indicates that it has not necessarily tested the best known.

Clarksen explains that “165 domain names are now available, including attractive brands such as,,,,, or”

Sharp increase in net profit

The listed group also publishes its results for the first half of 2021. In line with the trend observed since the beginning of the year, Clarksen publishes a sharply higher net result in the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, at €157,000, i.e. +118% in one year ! The result was more positive because it was part of an upward trend that has been going on since January 2020, with a consecutive net result of €72,000 in the first half of 2020, €89,000 in the second half of 2020 (against a sales volume of €1.6 million in the same year), Then 157,000 euros in the first half of 2021. The last figure which is a very high performance, that is, 19% of the turnover.

Digital Marketing: Actiplay made a strong comeback in 2020

Focus on ‘Strong and Profitable Growth’

Thus the omens look favorable for Clarksen and the relaxed trend after the devastating episodes suffered by the Actiplay group, especially in 2017 (8.8 million in turnover vs. 10.3 million in losses) and 2018 (4 million euros in turnover vs. 5.8 million in losses).

“Our company has returned to its previous performance. In 2014, the year we achieved our previous record results, we generated a net profit of 10%, and our annual turnover was €13 million. Thanks to our new performance rate, we are now in a position to deliver robust and profitable growth. Our goal now is to grow the business back to our historic levels of business volume,” confirms Julien Barrow-Dubosc, also co-founder of Hemera Joint Offices.

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47 million eligible profiles

Thus, the Klarsen Group saw a jump of €82,000 in cash available at the end of June 2021 (compared to December 31, 2020), totaling €259,000, a higher-than-expected increase. Thus, the group’s management confirms that Claressen was able to meet without any problem the deadlines of its ongoing plan (ie €590,000 paid) “in accordance with its expectations and commitments”.

With a new strategy paying off, Claressen is opening up new horizons. In addition to domain names, the group can count on a database that has nearly doubled in recent weeks, going from 26 million to 47 million eligible profiles. In the French, Spanish and Canadian markets. This is thanks to the signing of new partnership contracts with the database owners, but also thanks to the increase in the volume of data that the group processes for marketing purposes. Thus Clarsen ensures that he is now among the top 10 French players in this sector.

A platform called Klarsen Data will be launched in November 2021 to allow this “E-commerce players can access the eligible data in real time and pay very easily online, with just a few clicks, by paying with a bank card.”