Bordeaux’s Actiplay group became Klarsen Data

After a period of intense turmoil – even receivership in 2019 – the Bordeaux-based group Actiplay that specializes in digital marketing, particularly through the development of free online games, is once again in the process of reinventing itself after successfully re-emerging. After it was called Concoursmania, then Actiplay, the group founded by Julien Parou-Duboscq changed again to take the name Klarsen Data.

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The amendment was approved June 11 by the company’s board of directors, before its memory token on the stock exchange (Euronext Growth) was transferred on June 21 from ALACT to ALKLA. The group announces the launch of a new online platform that will allow companies, particularly in the e-commerce sector, to access eligible data 24 hours a day, extracted from databases containing 25 million profiles maintained by Clarson Data. To facilitate their marketing campaigns.

More than 50 qualification criteria per profile

The management of the Bordeaux Group emphasizes that it relies on privileged contracts concluded with major market players, owners of very large or strictly targeted databases (from media groups, loyalty card managers in stores or specialized online merchants).

The group’s management explains: “The Klarsen Data platform will therefore make it possible to select its future customers against more than 50 qualification criteria and instantly download profiles to launch online, electronic, telephone and mail marketing campaigns.”

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Klarsen’s data set indicates that it processes, builds and updates millions of profiles and qualification criteria in real time.

“We have chosen to return to our historical name, Klarsen, as a return to our origins and a nod to the market. Our partnerships with sector players, complementing our databases, will provide access to qualified data as the first quality for our current and future customers: e-commerce sites, specialty distributors, energy suppliers or contacts or car manufacturers who will develop their online sales on a large scale very soon,” says Julien Parrou-Duboscq.

Portfolio of domain names for rent or for sale

Klarsen-Data states that it holds 166 domain names registered with Inpi, such as,,,,, …

“For more than 20 years, we have patiently built and maintained this family of names. Some were only purchased for a few thousand euros, others for several million dollars. Our activities are now focused on data marketing, and I believe it is time to turn some of these key assets into Income sources or related disposals,” adds the group head.

In other words, Klarsen Data will sell or even use domain names to establish partnerships, whether through revenue sharing or direct selling.

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