Accreditation of 3 training courses for online marketing training and development of a training activity

A recognized player in web training (and the leading media for many years), Webmarketing & co’m offers many programs for training or improvement in the digital field, particularly in online marketing. Focus on 3 approved CPF-eligible training offerings.

The three courses take place in a ‘virtual classroom’ and are therefore provided in real time by an instructor who is always present with the learners. This is an important point, especially in distance learning, because you will be part of a tight-knit group, and you will not be alone with the courses offered. Perfect shape to take advantage of group simulation and stay motivated. They are all offered over 5 days. This format also makes it possible to exchange between participants via chats or online exercises. All sessions will be recorded and replays will be made available to registrants at the end of the training.

The various courses are designed to help you get to work quickly, and they are all very specific, based on real practical cases. She will accompany you throughout the training, and will be accompanied by reflection on your project. 3 courses are offered.

Develop your business with online marketing

For 5 days, this training will cover the key elements of online marketing and channels to develop a digital strategy: Google Ads, Email Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Community Management, Facebook Ads, Influencer Strategy… A complete panorama of actions to activate to pay Your business growth. It is structured around 3 main units:

  • Online Marketing Basics: One Day
  • SEO Basics: 2 Days
  • Social media strategy implementation: 2 days

The training is mainly aimed at entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to promote their activity, people in retraining, as well as marketing professionals who want to be more comfortable in their digital dealings. The coaches will be Sylvain Limbert and Amber Liserve, who are expert digital speakers.

Sessions will take place in a virtual classroom. The training price is €2000 excluding VAT or €1300 per unit, and it can be financed by the CPF.

Why choose this formation: Online marketing is clearly a promising subject and a skill that businesses require. Training, very complete, will allow you to quickly be ready to work, and to put into practice the immediately acquired skills well. Whether you are employed, self-employed or in retraining, training will allow you to expand your knowledge and improve your employability.

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Create and develop a training activity

This course is aimed at those who wish to start a training activity. Within 5 days, you will learn all the steps needed to create your business and develop your sales volume. In particular, you will be trained on the Qualiopi Quality Certification, as well as in the various financing mechanisms. You will also be trained in training design and facilitation.

The training will be delivered in a virtual classroom and will be structured around 3 main modules:

  • Create and reference your own training organization: 2 days
  • Design and deliver effective training: 2 days
  • Promote and develop your training offer: 1 day

The cost of the training is 2,000 EUR excluding VAT or 1,300 EUR excluding VAT per unit. The training qualifies for CPF.

Why choose this formation: More and more professionals want to start their own training activity, but they do not necessarily have the necessary knowledge to see clearly, especially in administrative procedures. In 5 days, you will know how to create your own training organization and start your own business. Very concrete, this program will not only have theoretical content, but will adapt to your needs, so that you can get started quickly.

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Design and promote a digital training presentation

Within 5 days, you will be trained to create and publish a digital training activity. You will learn how to create your offer, but also how to sell it through different web marketing channels. This training is aimed at professionals who want to prepare an online training offer based on their experience. You will learn how to develop and digitize training presentation specifications and develop your presentation.

The training is structured around 3 main modules:

  • Designing a sustainable business idea: 1 day
  • Create and distribute your training online: 2 days
  • Online coaching sales strategy implementation: 2 days

The training price is €2000 excluding VAT or €1300 excluding VAT per unit. She is eligible for a CPF.

Why choose this formation: Creating your training is an important first step, but you also need to know how to sell and distribute it! A subject specialist, Webmarketing & co’m will allow you to learn concretely how to create, distribute and sell courses online. A complete and practical program that allows you to implement good practices at the end of the training.

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