A digital marketing company takes money from Pôle Emploi and leaves its students in limbo

Engaging in paid training with the goal of employment, that is Marktperf’s promise. The problem, as is so often the case in marketing, is that the sales promise is far from reality.

28 Reunion Islanders paid for “bad management” One of the business leaders who left their responsibilities in a time of difficulty. In both Reunion and the Center-Val-de-Loire region, job candidates believe they have been scammed.

In March for some and last May for others, his training began. Objective: To gain knowledge in the field of digital marketing. He had to fit the CDI exactly matching the training provided. Two companies were created to meet the needs of the training + recruitment process. The first, Formperf, was intended for training students. She was able to seduce the management of the Pôle emploi Réunion to take advantage of public funds. Until then, it was all the more classic because Pôle emploi acts as a facilitator to promote the return to work of the people on its records.

The second company, Marktperf, had to hire 28 pre-trained job seekers. The two companies are managed by the same directors.

But the bright prospect of a job faded when wages began to fall. “Every week, when we did the breeding, the managers told us: No problem next weekevery week “recalls Pascaline (assumed name).

“For me, more managers are the ones who canceled subsidies!”

They owe me 1,500 euros.announces the young woman who went through a month of training within the Formperf. “I have no explanation”still scarring to this day. “A week or two later, I saw that the manager was still not responding concretely to my answers regarding the payment of wages. There was no transparency”She adds before deciding, like others in her promotion, to work collectively. Very sad experience like “If all these people had this training, it was precisely because we were job seekers and at the end of the training we were promised a permanent contract as a remote sales consultant. Pôle emploi decided to sign with this company so they knew everything”She recounts her experience bitterly.

Another concrete case, the selfie case. She, too, finds herself running after hers. With the difference that it’s not one but two months she did it in Formperf, but also that she embarked on that kitchen with her buddy. In short, trouble multiplied by two …

“I started on March 26 and finished training on May 26. I think the theory part was great because it was really innovative. On the other hand, the practice was poorly structured. I felt like I was losing my companion later and I was hired because the training was funded by Pôle Emploi with the aim of hiring” , You remember the overlap of Training + Recruitment. Sylvie instantly confirms the feeling “not bad” On the managers that she had at the beginning of the training.

“Finding out they weren’t clean. I had a apprehension, and told myself it wasn’t very hygienic. My suspicions were confirmed at the beginning of my taking up the post as such – saying ‘Digital Marketer 2.0’ as they like to say. The truth is they started the business but with a product Only one for sale, it was weird”Give a glimpse of the lack of seriousness.

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