5 good reasons to join the BDM editorial board on a permanent contract in Rennes

tl; DR: We are hiring an M/F web editor on a permanent contract at Rennes, with web writing experience and a strong digital culture. Telework two days a week, salary from 27 to 35,000 euros, profit sharing …

  • I am already convinced: I am applying!
  • I need to know more: Here are 5 good reasons to join BDM.

Variety of features and editorial formats

We explore all the expertise of our target, digital professionals: Social Media, SEO, SEA, Project Management, Communication, Marketing, Product Design, Website, App, Development, Design… Exciting Topics!

We offer our readers several ways. You will have the opportunity to write news to develop their digital culture, tutorials to help them, and presentations for practical and decoding tools to guide them. You will be giving interviews to explore all the digital trends.

We are not looking for a typewriter

We used a typewriter to illustrate the article, but don’t worry: it doesn’t match the profile we’re looking for. Here, everyone contributes to choosing the content we produce. We balance time between research, discussion, design, and writing. In the morning, you don’t discover a list of 15 improved 200-word articles you should be producing during the day. We take the time necessary, research, discuss, and prefer a full treatment over an overview of the topic.

We want to be helpful to the user, inform them, and give them the keys. And we want every editor to be accountable for the choices that are made. This enhances the expertise of our editorial team and we believe this is the best way to meet the needs of our readers.

Shall we talk about it in the interview?

Fast growing project speed

Concretely, BDM is dozens of people. Experts in writing, web design, and marketing…Joining us means integrating a relatively small team and benefiting from interaction, flexibility, and speed…We share a lot and progress together. And we’ve been doing this for many years, ever since we just celebrated our 15th birthday.

BDM is a sustainable, profitable and growing enterprise. We welcome nearly 2 million readers each month and many clients place their trust in us: software publishers, recruiters, training centers, etc. Furthermore, we will soon be launching new solutions that are useful to our readers and customers. We’ll let you know in a few days!

Big Rain Company Advantages

BDM is published by HelloWork Group, the leading French digital recruitment, recruitment and training company. We are developing the platform HelloWork, JobiJoba, MaFormation, Diplomeo, Seekube, Holeest, Basile… We are 430 employees, placing orders worth €71 million in 2021. The entire BDM team works at the company’s headquarters, in the center of Rennes.

Thus you will benefit from the solidity, accompany and growth of the entire company. Also note: 2 days of remote work per week, very exciting earnings sharing and unforgettable webinars. Editor’s note: Not really memorable.

Great team, especially on Tuesdays

To make this article, we could have kept our title, 5 good reasons to join the BDM Editorial Board ; You are simply submitted to the 5 editors you will work with. <3

Estelle, Alexandra, Heloise, Apollin, Arthur. A great team I have had the pleasure of working with for many years. Everyone brings their vision and experience to serve the BDM project, in a great atmosphere. Once you arrive, they will be available to accompany you, to present our methods and goals to you…while listening to your opinions, experience and ideas.

Why “Especially Tuesdays”? We will talk about it during the interview. Do you prefer Thursday or Friday? No problem, we’ll work it out.

I assume!

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