10 courses to enhance your CV with digital skills

In the age of digitization of the business world and the invasion of digital technology in business and professional relationships, having skills in IT, website building or digital communication has become a real advantage in the eyes of recruiters. With a profile and equivalent experience, having digital skills can bring great credit to your resume. According to a study conducted by Pôle Emploi in 2021, six out of ten organizations say they want to develop their digital skills. These skills are broad: knowledge of IT security, digital marketing, and even data analysis are mentioned.

But mastery of digital tools is not granted to all workers. According to an INSEE study published in 2019, 38% of people who use the Internet do not possess at least one of the main digital abilities, which is to search for information, communicate, use software, and solve problems. If you are not familiar with IT, digital and everything that goes with it, do not panic: many courses exist to allow you to develop your “skills” in this field, which can be funded via a personal training account. For Capital, Topformation has selected the most popular courses on its search engine in the digital field. These courses can be adapted to all kinds of sectors of activity, but can be packaged mainly in the higher education sector.

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1. Learn graphic design and become a software professional

Brand image is at the heart of companies’ marketing strategies, often including their graphic charter, logo, and flyer design. This material can be in the form of posters or brochures, but it is also digital. Since visual communication is now fundamental to creating a corporate identity and standing out from its competitors, having graphic design skills is highly regarded by employers. The Graphic Designer training, offered by Tuto.com, allows you to take your first steps in this field. During 345 hours, the drawing and production process, the working methods of graphic designers as well as the developments and limitations of the profession will be discussed. Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator … You will learn about the master program in the field of graphic design, which represents many new skills that you can add to your resume. You will even discover “motion design”, that is, animation. After this training, you will be able to manage a graphic design project from start to finish.

2. InDesign Master

If you’re looking to develop skills in graphic design but don’t want to discover all the peers in the trade, you can opt for training that focuses on a single programme, such as the “InDesign” course offered by Arinfo I-maginer. Shorter than the training provided earlier, it will allow you to master InDesign after seventy hours of training. The latter can be packaged to create brochures, posters, or even magazines, but it also allows for content to be designed to fit digital tools. The training can be conducted face-to-face or remotely and focuses above all on practice. You will learn all the rules and tips for successful forms and gatherings, and you will be able to create and publish all kinds of digital documents. Lessons can take various forms, from professional situations to workshops and implementation of concrete projects.

3. Be able to create a website and impress your future employer

Learn to Create a Website in Five Days, Is It Possible? Anyway, that’s what Sagexa offers. The course “Learn to Create a Website in PHP/MySQL” aims to be really practical, and will introduce you to the PHP programming language, by developing a professional website. If the terms “SQL” or “MySQL database” seem completely foreign to you at the moment, they should be familiar to you at the end of your journey. To do this, you will discover the architecture of the web, you will learn about PHP, all this while experimenting with creating a website during training. You will also perform exercises to validate your skills, by creating “drop-down lists” or by implementing search engines. Attention, this course is for insiders: to follow this instructable, you must remain familiar with the basics of HTML and any programming language.

4. Learn how to create a website with WordPress

If you have no programming knowledge but would like to learn how to create a website, it is possible thanks to the WordPress tool and the training “Create a website with WordPress” provided by the Academy Numérique. Today, any company, association or other structure has its own website. It is his main means of communicating and communicating with his clients. Thus, in three days, you will learn how to create and animate a corporate website, to master the various functions of WordPress as well as to insert text and images into your site. training path? He introduces theory in the morning and practice in the afternoon. You will also have a discussion forum accessible via Google Groups to ensure follow up during and after the course.

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5. Improve your digital communication skills

The popularization of smartphones, tablets and social networks has profoundly changed the field of communication. People wishing to learn how to promote products and services on the web can turn to the training “Implementing Digital Communication Procedures”, provided by the CCI Grenoble-CCI Formation group. It lasts four days and covers the topics of the digital environment and online marketing. The training is practical and theoretical. So you will discover the different aspects of digital marketing and its current trends and developments. Since digital communication must be the subject of a real strategy, you will learn how to implement a digital marketing plan and ensure project management. Training certificate, that is, you will be able to validate the Certificate of Competence in Business (CCE) “Implementation of digital communication procedures in the company”, registered in the Specific Guide to France Skills and issued by CCI France, on its end.

6. Explore the potential of digital data

The question of “data” – digital data in French – is more topical than ever. Knowing how to collect and use digital data is a key asset for companies, in order to improve their communications, better target their customers and tailor their offerings to them. To master this broad field of data, DataScientest offers a 250-hour course called Data Analyst Training. You will learn to understand and efficiently use the many data available on the web. In order for the training to be as practical as possible, the organization proposes the realization of a group project on a concrete data problem. Training is offered remotely, with 85% individual training and 15% master’s. It is recommended that you already have basics in mathematics and statistics as well as concepts in office automation and programming before embarking on this training. Course advantage: DataScientest in partnership with the Sorbonne, so you will receive a training certificate from the prestigious Parisian university.

7. Make use of the video tool

Video is now everywhere: on social networks, websites, applications … It allows you to present a company and reveal its news to Internet users, by displaying its products or promoting its activities. Video Points are becoming more in-depth and qualitative and require specific shooting and editing features. Thus, the “Video Content Design and Production” training, offered by Vlipp, promises to learn in five days how to make an informative video, from writing it to editing it. The different stages of audiovisual creation will be covered: photo taking, interview techniques, camera mastery or even professional editing techniques. The training offers 70% practice of 30% theory, so that the participants can apply the lessons learned at the end of it. In order to ensure individual follow-up, training is given to small groups of up to six people.

8. Become a digital diagnostic professional

In the face of the digitization of the business and corporate world, many organizations have not yet made the transformation, which will nevertheless allow them to improve their productivity. The benefits of digital transformation are manifold: improving search, building customer loyalty, physicalizing documents, accessing new markets, automating processes… Thus companies that have not yet reached “digital maturity” may have an interest in hiring an employee with skills in diagnostics. Digital, which makes it possible to identify digital divides to initiate a development strategy. Thus, the Digital Academy organization offers the “Digital Diagnostics” training course. In just two days, it offers you, as its name suggests, to learn how to perform digital diagnostics, identify various digital tools and solutions for business development as well as create a short term strategy. This training is primarily aimed at companies that want to improve their online presence, but having this type of skill can be beneficial for many workers. There are also no prerequisites for registration.

9. Search “C++”

Does C++ speak to you? It is the third programming language used in the world. With this C++ Basics training, you will learn to master this computer language basics and develop an application in C++. Along with the theory and history of C++ and its place in the current software ecosystem, you will do practical exercises. This training is primarily for engineers and technicians seeking to discover this programming language, but anyone who wants to learn is welcome. However it is recommended that you have already tried a programming language, whatever it is, to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge.

10. Explore the basics of computing

Do you often tell loved ones that digital technology is not for you and that you understand absolutely nothing about it? you are not alone. According to the INSEE study on the digital skills of the French people published in 2019, 24% of the population will not be able to obtain information using the Internet, 21% of respondents cannot communicate using the web and 35% cannot use any software. This “first contact with IT” training offered by Sii Learning might be right for you. It only lasts a day, and will allow you to learn about both computers and their vocabulary, which is not necessarily obvious. At its end, this course will allow you to consciously navigate the web and be ready to pursue any training in office automation. This training is for individuals who have virtually no computer knowledge and who are not accustomed to using digital tools in their daily lives.

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