▷ How do you deal with a bad Google review?

Any company always faces obstacles or unfavorable opinions in its development. Nothing has ever been perfect over time, without any fault. But in good management of bad opinions and dissatisfaction, the company manages to succeed in developing. Dealing with bad reviews is not easy. Nor is it trivial. Bad comments can affect your business. So we must work to collect more positive opinions…

The Consequences of Bad Reviews on Your Business (Bad Reputation)

Accumulating negative reviews is detrimental to your image. You already know that there is a high probability that a dissatisfied customer will not return, which is a definite loss for your business. With every unsatisfied customer, you lose out on a potential return. It can damage your reputation. Finding new prospects is much more difficult than keeping an already established clientele.

It is a bad strategy to rely on potential customers. All those unsatisfied customers leave negative comments about your services. And we know that 90% of Internet users inquire about your reputation before committing to ordering your services or taking your products.

A bad review greatly affects your potential customers.

Information travels very quickly on the Internet, especially on social media. In addition, nothing goes unnoticed. We are all used to doing our research well before buying. And reviews are the reviews we check the most. Therefore, maintaining a string of unfavorable comments is very bad for your business.

In addition, not knowing how to respond to reviews is also a serious problem that must be solved. Your reputation is at risk and when stained is difficult to clean.

Indirectly, it affects local SEO

Yes, what would you choose between an institution with a rating of 2/5, one with a rating of 5/5 and a 200 rating? Bad reviews can also have a huge impact on your local SEO, so be careful and manage them well.

Do you recognize fake Google reviews from real Google reviews?

Fake news often makes headlines and fake reviews are everywhere on the internet. This phenomenon of fake reviews is a serious problem for companies and players in the world of online marketing. You have to know how to distinguish them in the crowd. To identify them more easily, you can focus on:

  • Writing style: Indeed, there is a certain honesty in the narrated experience. But when the commentary is in a simple style and little detail, this can raise suspicion. The use of the superlative is also questionable;
  • Comment length: Some reviews attract attention and are the most read. They often come from clients. But there are also some unnecessarily long things. And when she’s short, she’s a slut.
  • Similar opinions, duplicated: It’s a bit special for spammers. These users do not have much online activity;
  • Negative opinions were published in record time: at this level, too, you will have to monitor and analyze the activities of certain users.

So you should develop your common sense to better distinguish these misconceptions.

Can we really delete Google reviews?

When you can spot fake reviews (and prove they are fake), you can tag them. After that you have the option to delete Google Reviews.

There are only two types of reviews you can remove: fake reviews and reviews that don’t meet Google My Business standards.

You do the following:

  • Enter the name of your organization and click on Google Reviews next to the list of results;
  • Mark the comment in question with a tag, which you next click on, to enter your complaint;
  • Explain your situation in a few words and explain why the opinion is not accepted;
  • Submit the complaint.
  • Wait for Google to remove the review. You should know that any review will be deleted more quickly if it is reported multiple times;
  • Report the review and try removing it again if Google responds slowly. You can do this in your Google My Business listing.

How do I report a Google review?

To report a Google review, you have two options:

  • First possibilityvery tricky: you are doing a deletion with your search engine as we saw above.

You can follow up with your Google My Business account. When you go to the platform in your account, you go to the “Reviews” section and report the comment in question.

It may happen that Google does not fulfill your request correctly. In this case, you have no choice but to reassure other customers by responding with the utmost kindness. This will reduce the effect of the notification.

  • The second possibilityEasier: Refer to a customer review management company like LocalRanker.

You’ll then make sure to flood the opinion with tons of real positive comments (no fake reviews). This will reassure your customers. But note that these positive reviews will be the fruit of the harvest of positive reviews you will receive. So it is important to know how to form real positive opinions.

How do you get positive reviews?

You can use several methods to encourage and collect positive feedback. But in any case, you must necessarily play on your qualities and your seriousness in achieving this. In fact, you can choose to contact, as much as possible, your customer after completing the service. By getting close to your customers, you will be able to extract opinions from them. And indeed, the approach in the good direction, can affect the customer who is not completely satisfied.

To do it well, don’t be bulky or intrusive.

You can only leave an email, but the most effective solution is SMS after service. There are solutions for collecting more reviews like LocalRanker for SMS or SendingBlue for emails.

Ask them to publish their opinion. In addition, it is important to respond to both positive and negative reviews. This reassures your customers. Thank, respond appropriately, and admit your mistakes.

Be careful never to buy positive reviews from platforms, this will only do you harm. It is better to create a real strategy for collecting Google reviews.

Positive and negative reviews help you improve your products and services. Thus, you must necessarily consider all comments.

Your business growth depends on it. It is also important to develop good management of unfavorable opinions so that you are not your victim.

So you have to be polite and have a sense of the right answers. But instead of dealing with a lot of negative reviews, apply these tips to help your business.

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