WEDIA – WEDIA confirms acquisition of Tripnity, publisher of SaaS “Iconosquare” – 02/05/2022 – 08:30

The Wedia Group announced its acquisition, on April 29, 2022, of 100% of the share capital of Tripnity.

The entity thus formed brings together more than 150 employees, with a total turnover of €20 million in sales (initial 2021) and an ARR (SaaS revenue) of more than €12 million, of which 50% is international.

The acquisition was paid in full in cash. Tripnity will be merged from 1Verse May 2022.

Founded in 2005, Tripnity has risen to prominence through the success of its powerful analytics platform Icono Square, a tool for managing digital communications and planning for brands and agencies wanting to boost their presence on social networks. The first Tik Tok integration platform, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Tripnity currently employs nearly 50 people in France and Germany (including 25 in product, DevOps, data analysts, UX, etc.).

Through this process, Wedia Group is strategically enhancing the marketplace for managing and distributing marketing content (images and videos), in a global context where controlling their digital presence is more than ever a critical issue for companies.

Complementary know-how and committed teams

Complementing their businesses centered around digital marketing and performing digital content for their clients, the Wedia Group and Tripnity are able to offer an integrated, even more complete, solution to the clients of the various companies in the group.

In so far as their respective positions were complementary, it was the sharing of common values ​​that prevailed in the process. Group companies so formed have reasons to translate them into concrete, committed commitments: digital sobriety, community contribution, and local anchoring. This consolidation project therefore stems from the strong will of their founders, the committed teams they have gathered around their project for nearly twenty years, to pursue ambitious and harmonious development around their founding values.

For Nicholas Poetei, Founder of Adia: “Today, Wedia allows businesses to harness the full potential of their marketing content and visuals and deliver the best digital experiences on all of their channels. With Iconosquare, we are able to offer a seamless solution for managing all content and marketing visuals, dynamically distributing them across all social networks and digital channels, and ultimately, measuring the effectiveness of this Content. Marketing: A Turnkey and Unprecedented Global Solution.”

Next meeting: 2022 half-year revenue, Thursday July 28, 2022 after market close

About WEDIA (Isin: FR0010688440-ALWED) –

Listed on Euronext Growth, friendly is an international group, a leader in SaaS software and custom consultancy for the Marketing and Communications departments. With its three brands Wedia, Galilée and Iconosquare, the group supports its clients, key accounts and ETI organizations in managing the content marketing lifecycle (product description, images, videos, 3D, packaging, etc.) from its creation through to distribution on all physical and digital channels.

Thus, the group’s offerings enable consistent and personalized marketing, without scale limits, which contributes to the commercial success of its customers. These successes were confirmed by Gartner and Forrester analysts, who put Widya in the list of the top 10 world players in this field.

The Wedia group includes, among its clients, nearly 250 global brands, hundreds of ETIs and more than 550,000 users in more than 40 countries. It generated revenue in 2021 of €15.7 million, of which over 55% is recurring revenue, and its development is based on a proven combination of organic and external growth.


Nicolas Bouté – CEO – [email protected]

Oliver Schmitz – Chief Financial Officer – [email protected]

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