verticalAds and Kwanko announce their merger

An unparalleled European offering in performance-based digital marketing.

Affiliate platforms Quanko And vertical They announce their merger and today open a new chapter in their history. They unite in an ambitious project with desire for it To become the leading European performance marketing company in many business sectors.

It was established in 2006 and is mainly established in the German market, VerticalAds Group Offers Affiliate platforms Specializing with exclusive tools in three main sectors: financial advertising, communication advertising (telecom, media and energy) and retail advertising. With a 2021 turnover of 83 million euros VerticalAds Group It has 85 employees and supports major German brands such as C&A, Conrad Electronic, Deutsche Bank, e.on, ING, Telefonica, O2, Vodafone, …

Established in 2003, Quanko It is a French company that acquired international dimension. Present in 7 countries today, the company offers geographical, organizational and commercial GPS integration vertical. In 2021, Kwanko has a turnover of 42 million euros and has a workforce of 145 employees. In addition, she has several major brands to her account such as Engy, Groupama, Galeries Lafayette, Monoprix, Sparto,, Sarenza …

The two companies share the same values ​​and remain oriented and owned by their founders, and have found themselves in an enterprise focused on service and customer satisfaction. Together, the new group will be able to provide its customers with a portfolio of over 180,000 broadcasters Covering all styles: content sites, comparisons, aggregators, coupons, and
Loyalty Club, Cashback, Offer/RTB/Retargeting, Email Marketing, Influence, Mobile, as well as B2B.

“The merger of the two companies will enable us to become a major player in performance advertising, and above all offer our customers the power of distribution throughout Europe and Latin America. The synergies are numerous and will have a positive impact on all our customers and our publishers, but also our collaborators.”

Ralph Fisherfounder of VerticalAds and CEO of the new group

“By joining VerticalAds, we will be more attractive to our clients. The integration between our two companies is evident from a business point of view, but also from a geographical and organizational point of view. This ambitious project gives our teams additional motivation. We found ourselves in a pioneering project, focused on growth and value creation for our clients.” »

François Bieber, founder of Kwanko and co-director of the new group

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